Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas with kiddos

I'm It's fun, exciting, etc etc
But expensive as well... 
I really need to stop buying cooper "things" at the store during the year he might actually want something at Christmas time. Now that he's older and a big brother we are starting a new tradition of; want, need, wear, read. He wants every Xbox game in the world!! But so does his dad. He loves toys like action figures but only for like a week.. Or they lost. He loves guns!!! Like love love loves but he has 26 😣 it was rough this year. So for his want he got a Nerf zombie slayer cross bow {loves Darryl and walking dead} it looks real fun so I went ahead and bought my nephew one to! {NEED} he needs to leave my kindle alone haha so I got him a iPad mini 3. {Don't know what the 3 stands for but} cellular + wifi perfect for him he's obbssed with YouTube so now he can throw his cute little frog head phones and watch it in the car. Target I'm here to tell you get that app you will love looking and buying while your up at 12 am feeding your fat boy. {WEAR} he gets clothes all year so it's not like he's hurting and he doesn't demand clothes YET so I got him biz and woody pjs from target and than in the book orders this month they had gifts with books. So I bought him llama llama books so cute btw and an elf book with a elf. Ordered the cutest Santa sacks from IG with his name on it. One for Collins to. Collins also gets clothes all year and he can't demand anything yet. So he got mud pie jammies and a touch n feel book teething toys and a play mat 


November- my favorite

It could be that it's my birthday month! 
At 24 I still love my birthday. Cake and dinner presents. My hubby and kiddos buy me the best cards ha. This year we are going to mesquite as a family to watch my nephew play football. I love slot machines and my family! So what better way to celebrate. {early}
I took it upon myself to buy me some gifts. I had no idea the boutiques you could shop from on IG. My favorite has to be sevencoboutique ❤️❤️
I love flannel oh my word it's so cute!! Plus this has a hood sooo score! And that sweater is too cute with leggings. Plus we have a ulta now and I go there oh once a week 😳😊 your birthday month you get double reward points. So why not Christmas shop! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

OCC and Christmas

It's so that time. But this is not a detailed post about Christmas but more operations Christmas child. I found the idea on Pinterest and immediately fell in love. Helping children get small meaningful Christmas presents. Yes!! I found 15 shoe boxes and went cray at the Walgreens discount section. Why Walgreens and not the dollar store. Wellll these kids will use these items for along time and probably multiple times!! Why buy them junk. Quality not quantity!! I've always lived that way. So I bought boys 2/4 and 10/14 age groups. Tool sets and soccer balls with pumps. More pictures as I go. 

Collins 2 months.

My baby is 2 months. What!!!!! 
He's so funny. Loves his brudder. He's so smiley now. He loves to be naked all my children do! And loves tummy time. But only on dads chest :/ he loves the Mimi aka binky what do you call your binks?? We spend lots of alone time. 2 hours for 4 days. And that's awesome for him and me. We shower or tubby. Watch our shows. Have boob juice. I want them both to remember their child hoods as the best time of their life! I clean yes ha on Mondays and at night when dads home. But if coop wants to play zombies or mine craft than I stop and play unless I'm feeding baby. How do you manage a house & babies!?? 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Babies and well babies

My life is pretty darn content right now. Two cute boys in my bed. One does have a tummy ache it might have been that Thai chicken pizza. It was delicious though but I'll skip it next time. It's a crazy life with two boys. So much fun but hectic. Especially this week.. We had dentists appointment and I got birth control and we got tons of awesome stuff in the mail 😊 we love mail day!! Coop got the cutest haircut. Reminds me of Charlie sheen on major league (wild thing) they got their costumes and coopers new shirts from Knox and Lola oh shoot they are my favorite. I finally upgraded my phone. See it's been a fun busy week!! Cloth diapering is going awesome. Which reminds me there are quite a few that need to be put away in the dryer. Coop still loves school. Collins is a super chunk I would say 9.5 lbs now maybe more. He loves his boob juice. I'm in need of a hair dye and some fake eyelashes asap. I love being mom but not bleh. After seeing the super cute mom in the doctor office. But I do have two boys how am I ever suppose to be clean. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Movie you could watch over and over?
Pitch perfect && Lawless
Any Harry potter

Colors for fall?
Burgundy && yellow

Bed time snack?
Ohh water && almond crunch bar.

Coffee or tea?
Both. Iced Marilyn monroe please!! And unsweetened tea!


Johnny depp will always be the most amazing actor in the entire universe. But I love me shia lebouf.

Oh man flowers in the attic series and of course Harry potter.

In this moment, amity affliction

Board game?

Sport to watch?
College football!! Uteeeesssss

Free time?
Haha :/ besides snuggly my baby I love to watch my shows. (Vampire diaries, about a boy, scandal, blacklist, and soa)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

My baby is a month old

My heart was a little sad knowing Collins turned one month yesterday.
He's the last baby we'll have. I would love a girl. But the house we are buying is only 3 bedrooms. I don't think I want to try and move again.
Collins loves his baths in his tub and with momma, eating haha we nurse a lot which is alright with me, loves you to talk to him, kisses, and his bink.
I have to brag about how sweet he is! Such a good boy. Never fusses. I do have him spoiled and he sleeps with me so he of course is a good sleeper. I love this boy so much!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Co everything around here

Collins is perfect!!!
And I think it's due to:
Cloth diapers

Because who wants scratchy ol sposies on their bum when you could have bamboo!!

Who wants to drink formula when you can have warm perfect breast milk.

And who wants to bath alone when your mom needs to bathe and she has a huge tub.

I feel like all these things make Seamus a perfect happy healthy baby boy. We are seriously blessed. We even snuggle at night than whip out a boob when it's time to eat. We go back to sleep.
Does it scare me?? Sometimes. He loves his side but I can feel when he's turned to much.

We are having so much fun with him.
I do miss giving my 100% attention to Cooper. But he's being such a good sport about it. He is being so independent. I know he misses our long baths and reading 100 story's before bed. He even made his own waffles and I almost cried.

I may of had baby blues after Collins. I only wanted my grandparents, Cooper, and Garth around. Plus my in laws. I didn't care to see any of my friends. And I didn't want to leave the house. After 5 days I had to. And I even fit in my jeans shit that felt amazing!!! I fit better than before I was pregnant. I'm pretty loosed skinned it's disgusting but hopefully if I start to walk and get my core to tighten up it'll go away.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My second sweet baby boy!

Oh my heck!!!
I'm so smitten. He's absolutely perfect.
I'm actually sharing him with his dad. ;)
Ohhhhhh everyone wants to know the big gory details... So here's to  hopefully a non dragged out, no sense making, run on sentences, birth story.

Wednesday 8:30
I was checked into avrm and they checked me. Ouch! Nothing still closed up. Started pitocin right away.

9:30 not enough pit to make my contractions strong. Turned it up. Checked me nope nothing still closed.

11:30 turned it up more. Checked me a one! Slept....

Between 4:00/5:00 sick with vomit. Checked me turned up pit.

Now I needed a epidural! Holy moly I waited an hour for him to get in there. No tears shed I did really well at keeping calm. I'm glad I had read hypnotherapy birthing. I new to keep my jaw relaxed and to breath!!!

Oh good ol epidural man he was the savoir of my whole night. I got to sleep. I didn't cringe every time I needed to be checked. Beautiful stuff!! And Collins came out sucking like a champ :)

My dear sweet grandpa came at 11 and didn't leave until 5 am. He slept in this super uncomfortable chair. He threw away my puke bags. Made me love him that much more.

So around 5 am she checked me and I was a 7! :-)

She checked me again at 7 and I was a nine. Hip hop hooray!!! Grandpa left and my mother in law and grandma came. Dr. Lewis was a very busy man. So we did a couple pushes.... Wow I had nooo idea what I was doing. Absolute noooo clue! Plus I'm recovering from a cold and  couldn't catch my breath. I pulled instead of pushed haha what!!! But finally at 8:23 not screaming {which is scary} he slid right out. He was so CUTE. So than I cried. I had not cried once through the labor. But that bay on your chest is something else! It's the weirdest greatest feeling ever. And oh boy he was hungry!!

So we called grandpa and he brought his big brother down. I had missed Cooper sooo much. All 27lbs of sassiness. He loved broler and thought he was so CUTE. He stroked his face and gave him kisses. Then he wanted my phone to play minecraft.

Now we're recovering.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

40 + weeks

I have only complained Once or Twice.
About being three days over.
Once because I have a terrible stupid no good cold.
Second because we are super anxious to meet this beautiful baby boy.

I know going over could only mean.. he's super comfy and God is trying to teach me patience.
It's funny how I thought the minute I stopped my progesterone shots I would have him. I also thought moving and packing would put me into labor. So we hurried as fast as we could to move. I was worried sick about moving with a tiny baby and all his things everywhere :/ here's to Tuesday and hopefully getting induced Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

10 things.

1) I love my kindle unlimited $9.99 a month. I cancelled prime for this.

2) Merle Norman it's in the strip by Kmart.
Their jewelry is sooo CUTE!

3) gel polish from walgreens

4) walgreens I spend so much money there.

5) frozen hot chocolate from deja brew.

6) feeling these aggressive baby jabs.

7) Cooper school clothes. I loved the already made outfits.

8) maxi skirts. Jeans are sooo uncomfortable now. And I don't want to wear jammies because one it's too hot and two they just don't look that cute.

9) staying home. Being lazy! NO vitamin d for us.

10) I haven't cooked in forever actually something that was good. But we're right in the middle of moving and I'm not buying groceries.
:) xoxo

38 weeks

Oh I am sooo close!
& wee baby is 6 lbs and 11oz
Good Lord grow baby grow.

Cooper is all registered for his third year of preschool. :( but those two or maybe three days a week are going to be spent getting my pre pregnancy body back. Sooo I'm sorta not sad anymore.

I just read rain girl!!! Afreakinmazing loved it!! It reminded me of the killing which is now over.

Buuut SOA is about to start. Eeeek!! I've been having soa reruns just to get back in game.

Been super busy and hoping that my contractions would stick but they come and go all day. Oh well!! He'll come when he wants. Mothers of preterm baby's don't complain. Because there's always hot baths and pedicures. :)

Collins has a middle name haha and it's after a tv star baby. We always said we would stick with a family name. Wellll I couldn't this time. He's probably the last baby so he gets a kick ass middle name.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Something new, old, and blue.

35 weeks. Going Great!
That pelvic bone {doe}
Shut hurts something fierce.

Cmans tried to escape.. :(
But we shut that party down.

He was mad he's been giving me lots of jabs to the ribs lately.

Cooper is starting school for his third year. I'm just as excited as he is!
He's also got his counting down and a few colors. He just won't ride a bike. He love's his scooter. Who knew that was a preschool requirement. :/

We're doing something exciting at our house! Can't say what yet... But I will soon.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

34 weeks.

Baby is the size of a cantaloupe. Haha
I love the fruit comparison!
Soo funny.
My pelvic bone kills :/
If I walk long distances I wear a maternity belt.
I look like D on its always sunny in Philadelphia.
We have been to the zoo for the second time this year. It was hot as heck but there were lions. And the train is going!
Plus it was free child admission.
Every store we went into was 50% off. all coopers toys at toys r us were on sale. I scored a baby monitor for 79.99 that was $100. SCORE!!
And aeropostale has a pretty little liars line. Ohhh how I wish I was in high school!!! Being 23 and pregnant yeah that wouldn't look to Hannah_ish. But of course I bought tons of it for my cute little 7th grade cousin.

Pregnancy is going great!
2 more progesterone shots. And I hope Collins stays in until his due date.
Bibdana the cutest freaking things ever.
Baby legs and boy leggings! Who knew boys could look so cute in leggings.
I couldn't possible stuff anymore in his closet or drawers. We are all set for this boys arrival! I even stocked up on gripe water.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

32 weeks & 4 days

°I bought a back brace.
°No headaches.
°Fatigue is back. How convenient when you need to start getting up early again.
°Leaking boobs :/
°Thick hair :)
°Hospital bags packed
°rolling over in bed hurts every inch of my body.
°lots and lots of kicks :)
°Braxton hicks.
°lots of rest. Not complaining.
°doctor visits every two weeks.
{Can't wait for another ultrasound}
°hungry for salad all time and caprisun.
Can't wait for Collins to get here!!

Being a parent is...

Getting those HUGE annoying car carts.
Quoting find nemo allll day {duuude}.
Picking up toys with your toes.
Buying a water gun every time you go to the store even when you don't want to. {Just to avoid screaming child}
No memory on your phone due to zombie games.
Listening to kid bops because your child has learned swear words :/.
Giving up your kindle so he can watch YouTube.
Buying him his own kindle but he breaks it.
Taking all your picture frames down because he's broke all the glass out of them.
No longer having a clean house or car.
Sharing your ice cream.
Buying happy meals because he wants one and falls asleep before eating it.
Never getting to watch grown up shows again!
Hanging up colorful pictures all over the fridge.
Being told your "cute mom" by a four year old.
Or when they tell you "ew you stink"
Buying hundreds of dollars worth of school clothes for your preschooler.
Sleeping with stuffed animals.
Playing minecraft for the 799th time in a day.
Having to buy new shave cream every week because he says "it smells good".
Bathing with him every night {It will be so FUN to get them both in there}.
{But oh I love having naughty children around. I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!}

Monday, June 16, 2014

31 week's :)

Wow it feels amazing to be this far along.
I have learned a lot about myself.
And how blessed I am to be able to carry another life to this crazy World.
Sappy stuff over....
Pregnancy Brain! I'm here to say it's a real freaking thing. I forget everything! I have garbage sacks like three in my kitchen because my cans full.
I can't keep track of time. Cooper n I will be playing {sleeping} and Garth walks in the door. Tired and starving :/ and guess who forgot dinner again.
Plus everything looks so gross. I dread doing dishes because the smell about kills me. All food entirely looks sickening. Even when we go out.. I look at the menu and get all mad and want to leave.
Third trimester= fatigue again. Cooper has been such a good boy. He'll either sleep in with me or watch YouTube. He even has mastered getting his own chocolate milk. Haha poor boy :(
My fiber intake needs to triple. I need to remember to take those Damn prenatal. Before the baby has a pin head.
Late at night when my heartburn comes creeping along eBay is my resort. I have gotten so many cheap CUTE thing's. I scored a $200 baby monitor for $60. Cloth diapers {of course} and Cooper some super cute Hurley shirts. I'm so glad Garth isn't the type to get on our bank account and track everything. He just doesn't care. Haha
But that's about it. I'm so excited for the rest of summer. :))

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer '14

Feels like forever since I've wrote anything.
I usually blog when my hubby is out of town for work.
1. Itty bitty ball started. It's for 3_5 yr olds at the rec center, Tuesday & Thursday. They learn soccer, basketball, baseball, and I think tennis.
2. We went to my cousins special Olympics in Harriman. After he had a party at boondocks. Cooper and Garth had so much fun! 23.00 got us 100 tokens and a bag full of goodies.
3. Season four of PLL started.
4. I'm almost done with scandal. Talk about intense!!! And slimy just my thing.
5. Next month coop n I are doing a mom and me cooking class.
6. We are all done shopping for Collins, he still needs a middle name.
       And that is it so far!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Books for summer

Summer... Is made for lots of reading
   I love reading!!
Especially on my kindle outside.
I defiantly recommend....
1. Flowers in the attic (series) there are some that don't go with that certain book. But the author had wrote!
2. 12 years a slave. (So sad) hormones May be?
3. The fault in our stars. (Effing sad & funny)
4. Any of the three books written by the duggar family.
5. Miss. Peregins home for peculiar children.
6. Serena
Books I want to read before summer is over that are or going to be motion picture ( hahaha)
Labor day
A long way down ( will be starring Jesse pinkman)
Dark places
Gone girl

Thursday, June 5, 2014


(Here we are on the little mermiad ride)
Disneyland... Here I stressed about this
Making sure we didn't get ripped off. 
Making sure we had everything. 
How Cooper would do on the road. 
Would I get sick? 
Could Garth give me my progesterone shot? 

But after spending a couple weeks on..
YES pinterest. 
I thought I had a good idea 
What to expect.
That was a freaking joke!! 
Everything they suggested 
Was so stupid. 
Besides taking a stroller,
Freezing water bottles and putting them
Under your stroller. 
You cannot take a cooler
You don't use morning magic
(Your way too tired)
Eating in the park is not expensive. 
You do not want the stores to send your 
Souvenirs to your room. 

(They arrive the next day)
Cooper wanted to play with those toys NOW!
There's actually not a better time to go
I mean excluding Christmas 
We went on memorial day 
This calendar of best times to go 
Said memorial was packed 
Well maybe that weekend
But not that day!!!
We rode every ride 
We could or wanted too. 
My advice! 
Go for more than two days
(We stayed 5) 
Stay in a park hotel
Buy things for your kids 
Wait in the character lines
Keep calm! 
Water lots of it!!! 


I'm so overly excited about being 30 week's. 
Not just because I have 10 week's left
I've never been this far along before. 
It's really quite exciting for myself and family
Now pregnancy the first go around 
Was..... Not the best. 
I bled, had eczema, than had Cooper so early. 
This time I get these little 
But magic shots. 
I feel so great! :) 
I don't even mind having dozens of 
Stretch marks. 
HUGE uncontrollable boobs. 
As long as I can go full term! 
Hell I'll even go longer if it he insists. 
This sweet little miracle.
I'm almost to the point where I can't
Climb stairs, shave anything, and 
I have to pee every 
10 minutes. 
Up next being pregnant at Disneyland!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

post it.

I'm blogging way to much..
Said no-one ever!!
Sunday fun day! Cooper n I hanging out with the A.C. on :) 
I found this on another blog and had to do it! 

Making : memories with my four year old.
Cooking : ha nothing it's lunch at grandma's kind of day.
Drinking : water water water until my pee is clear.
Reading:  living duggar (by the four oldest Duggar girls)
Wanting: Ben & jerrys annd for this baby to be full term.
Looking: at Cooper climb all the bed with 50 guns.
Playing: the part of wonderful mom and wife ;)
Wasting: almost everything in my kitchen (foods gross to me)
Sewing: not a thing.
Wishing: my husband would get home.
Enjoying: the a.c.
Waiting: for our Disneyland trip next week
Liking: maternity shorts and sports bras
Wondering: what this baby will look like.
Loving: my family!! Grandparents, cousins, husband, my boys.
Hoping: that I can shed this baby weight fast
Marvelling:  how great I feel being pregnant
Needing: caffeine. White chocolate mocha frap
Smelling: lotion
Wearing: tank top and gym shorts
Following: the cutest Texas chick on IG
Noticing: how dirty my floors are :/
Knowing: that I'm ready for baby 2!!
Thinking: about everything! Always.
Feeling: hopeful, happy, loved
Bookmarking: pages on my kindle
Opening: a new chapter in out family
Giggling: Cooper watches stupid mine craft videos on YouTube
Feeling: excited for our trip and for my friend Hilary to get married.

Friday, May 16, 2014

mother's day 2014!

Mommy and Me selfie :) 
I love mothers day 
Not only do I get to send my Amazon wish list 
To my hubby and Cooper! 
I get to spoil my grans :) 
Shopping for her is so fun.. weird right? 
Tons of thank youse
For spoiling me rotten my whole life
She loves her kindle
And to embroidery.. 
Joans department of that was a fail
So Amazon is where I went..
Plus $79 a year for free two day shipping
To my surprise.. 
My present and hers came in the same box
Ohhhhh soooo exciting!!!! 
Those men in my life were so thoughtful 
This year and every other too.
Since Cooper has broken my only 
Willow tree figurine.. 
The dad mom holding a baby :)
Dad's head falls off mom has no arm 
I got......
The mom holding two BOYS# 
So bitter sweet. 
Those two sure are the best :) 
Plus cafe Rio (tres leche)
And watching what I wanted on Netflix!
Tried taking a bath alone
Cooper is the best bath partner ever :) 

no itty bitty titty committee here

With being pregnant comes.. headaches, heartburn, vomiting and fatigue.
No joke I'm up two cup sizes 
A ddd!!! 
Like who pays for these baby's! 
That's why I went on this long journey.. on Google! 
To find a sports bra made for well huge tits :) 
'LL bean sold me.
For $36.00 a two sided sports bra 

Disneyland here we come :))) 
(Post to follow)
Victoria secret is staying at HOME!! 
Well... With summer also comes 
Freaking swim suits!! 
Get this I went to beals (stuff anything you want in a bag get 30%)
tried on 5! Tops just tops..
Wear a tank over it cover baby bump YEAH WELL
I grabbed all XL
Hahahah you would have thought I got XS
Talk about frustration!!! :( 
I went home, got on trusty Google
Hells yeah!! Swim suit for busty women 

Size? DDD :) :) 
Also $30 SCORE! 
So you are welcome my big titted female friends :)) 

10 new Cooper facts

1. His personality is the show off 
2. He loves and I mean LOVE baseball
(He's really good too) 
3. His zombie obsession is still at full force
4. Sbox nerd! Minecraft errr day
5. He just finished his 2 year of preschool :(( 
6. He loves his grandpa! Those two are bestie
7. Going outside and riding his scooter FAST! 
8. He talks! Finally and sings A LOT 
9. Pizzy, waffles and root beer
10. He's going to be big broler in 91 days. 

and we shall call him COLLINS.

Even though I wanted to name him Juda :/ 
But since i was a boss ass betch with Cooper .. Garth can pick this one's name. 

Where do we start... Uh January! Even though I thought I was pregnant 900 times
I wasn't!! 
So when that double line showed up.
It was time for dad to leave work and stare at it with me. 
He couldn't of course! 
Cooper n I enjoyed our moment
"Mom you pee stinks"
Well for a minute we did. 
Having your first baby at 19  is not only scary
But is even more so when he decides to be delivered at 25 weeks. 
You all know read past posts ;) 
I was ready to do whatever it took to keep this girl in. 
Haha don't we all want a girl after having a boy???
Getting progesterone shots every Monday until I was (36 weeks) 
Oh absolute dr.lewis whatever you tell me I'm going to do.
yeah those things HURT!!!! 
In your hip alternating sides each week. 
They burn and the medicine is like oil!! 
Thick and goes in sooo slow 
It's for an amazing cause I'LL DO IT! 
 being with child made me so happy!! 
Not fitting into my jeans at 10 weeks HA that did not.
My skin and hair were fabulous though HUGE PERKS
But now I'm 27 weeks and feel freaking amazing. 
Coll man moves like a circus animal. 
I cannot sleep on my right side.... It's like my body shuts down
I don't dig my swollen hands or feet. 
For someone who lived on water pills :/ 
Yeah I'm not into going to the gym either. 
my exercise is a four year old and house work.
Sooo far so good!!!! I'm so excited for August 15 :) 

it's been awhile....

soooo let's see I follow a gal on IG and she was doing a sorry not sorry post
Soooo I had to do one! 

Sorry I'm not sorry 
Cooper is four and still sleeps in our bed 
Let's be honest... So will baby two!
Sorry I'm not sorry
I'm so over prepared for this baby and that rocks!! so suuuuck it. 
Sorry I'm not sorry 
What is with these cheesy ass engagements! Like I know your trying to 
be Sexual but it looks like you farted and it stinks. 
Sorry I'm not sorry 
That we have literally ate out every night last week :// 
Sorry I'm not sorry 
When Cooper says bitch or sucker I laugh. 
Sorry I'm not sorry 
Cooper wants to play minecraft about... 80% of his day and I let him.
That was FUN right? haha