Friday, May 16, 2014

and we shall call him COLLINS.

Even though I wanted to name him Juda :/ 
But since i was a boss ass betch with Cooper .. Garth can pick this one's name. 

Where do we start... Uh January! Even though I thought I was pregnant 900 times
I wasn't!! 
So when that double line showed up.
It was time for dad to leave work and stare at it with me. 
He couldn't of course! 
Cooper n I enjoyed our moment
"Mom you pee stinks"
Well for a minute we did. 
Having your first baby at 19  is not only scary
But is even more so when he decides to be delivered at 25 weeks. 
You all know read past posts ;) 
I was ready to do whatever it took to keep this girl in. 
Haha don't we all want a girl after having a boy???
Getting progesterone shots every Monday until I was (36 weeks) 
Oh absolute dr.lewis whatever you tell me I'm going to do.
yeah those things HURT!!!! 
In your hip alternating sides each week. 
They burn and the medicine is like oil!! 
Thick and goes in sooo slow 
It's for an amazing cause I'LL DO IT! 
 being with child made me so happy!! 
Not fitting into my jeans at 10 weeks HA that did not.
My skin and hair were fabulous though HUGE PERKS
But now I'm 27 weeks and feel freaking amazing. 
Coll man moves like a circus animal. 
I cannot sleep on my right side.... It's like my body shuts down
I don't dig my swollen hands or feet. 
For someone who lived on water pills :/ 
Yeah I'm not into going to the gym either. 
my exercise is a four year old and house work.
Sooo far so good!!!! I'm so excited for August 15 :) 

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