Thursday, June 5, 2014


(Here we are on the little mermiad ride)
Disneyland... Here I stressed about this
Making sure we didn't get ripped off. 
Making sure we had everything. 
How Cooper would do on the road. 
Would I get sick? 
Could Garth give me my progesterone shot? 

But after spending a couple weeks on..
YES pinterest. 
I thought I had a good idea 
What to expect.
That was a freaking joke!! 
Everything they suggested 
Was so stupid. 
Besides taking a stroller,
Freezing water bottles and putting them
Under your stroller. 
You cannot take a cooler
You don't use morning magic
(Your way too tired)
Eating in the park is not expensive. 
You do not want the stores to send your 
Souvenirs to your room. 

(They arrive the next day)
Cooper wanted to play with those toys NOW!
There's actually not a better time to go
I mean excluding Christmas 
We went on memorial day 
This calendar of best times to go 
Said memorial was packed 
Well maybe that weekend
But not that day!!!
We rode every ride 
We could or wanted too. 
My advice! 
Go for more than two days
(We stayed 5) 
Stay in a park hotel
Buy things for your kids 
Wait in the character lines
Keep calm! 
Water lots of it!!! 

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