Friday, September 19, 2014

Co everything around here

Collins is perfect!!!
And I think it's due to:
Cloth diapers

Because who wants scratchy ol sposies on their bum when you could have bamboo!!

Who wants to drink formula when you can have warm perfect breast milk.

And who wants to bath alone when your mom needs to bathe and she has a huge tub.

I feel like all these things make Seamus a perfect happy healthy baby boy. We are seriously blessed. We even snuggle at night than whip out a boob when it's time to eat. We go back to sleep.
Does it scare me?? Sometimes. He loves his side but I can feel when he's turned to much.

We are having so much fun with him.
I do miss giving my 100% attention to Cooper. But he's being such a good sport about it. He is being so independent. I know he misses our long baths and reading 100 story's before bed. He even made his own waffles and I almost cried.

I may of had baby blues after Collins. I only wanted my grandparents, Cooper, and Garth around. Plus my in laws. I didn't care to see any of my friends. And I didn't want to leave the house. After 5 days I had to. And I even fit in my jeans shit that felt amazing!!! I fit better than before I was pregnant. I'm pretty loosed skinned it's disgusting but hopefully if I start to walk and get my core to tighten up it'll go away.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My second sweet baby boy!

Oh my heck!!!
I'm so smitten. He's absolutely perfect.
I'm actually sharing him with his dad. ;)
Ohhhhhh everyone wants to know the big gory details... So here's to  hopefully a non dragged out, no sense making, run on sentences, birth story.

Wednesday 8:30
I was checked into avrm and they checked me. Ouch! Nothing still closed up. Started pitocin right away.

9:30 not enough pit to make my contractions strong. Turned it up. Checked me nope nothing still closed.

11:30 turned it up more. Checked me a one! Slept....

Between 4:00/5:00 sick with vomit. Checked me turned up pit.

Now I needed a epidural! Holy moly I waited an hour for him to get in there. No tears shed I did really well at keeping calm. I'm glad I had read hypnotherapy birthing. I new to keep my jaw relaxed and to breath!!!

Oh good ol epidural man he was the savoir of my whole night. I got to sleep. I didn't cringe every time I needed to be checked. Beautiful stuff!! And Collins came out sucking like a champ :)

My dear sweet grandpa came at 11 and didn't leave until 5 am. He slept in this super uncomfortable chair. He threw away my puke bags. Made me love him that much more.

So around 5 am she checked me and I was a 7! :-)

She checked me again at 7 and I was a nine. Hip hop hooray!!! Grandpa left and my mother in law and grandma came. Dr. Lewis was a very busy man. So we did a couple pushes.... Wow I had nooo idea what I was doing. Absolute noooo clue! Plus I'm recovering from a cold and  couldn't catch my breath. I pulled instead of pushed haha what!!! But finally at 8:23 not screaming {which is scary} he slid right out. He was so CUTE. So than I cried. I had not cried once through the labor. But that bay on your chest is something else! It's the weirdest greatest feeling ever. And oh boy he was hungry!!

So we called grandpa and he brought his big brother down. I had missed Cooper sooo much. All 27lbs of sassiness. He loved broler and thought he was so CUTE. He stroked his face and gave him kisses. Then he wanted my phone to play minecraft.

Now we're recovering.