Wednesday, August 17, 2011

aww swwet summer time

Things ive been doing all summer::
reading i love love to read,, finished hunger games ** two stars didnt love them at all. i read a million little pieces *** three stars waaaay graphic but such a good story. im reading the sookie stackhouse series i love vamps and these are a nasty twist on it so it makes it all the better... books i highly recomend secret life of bees, the help, water for elephants, house off night series.
weve been to lagoon the zoo twice and swimming a lot. coops a little fish. yard saling grrreat time ive found so many halloween and christmas decorations. aww so excited for fall


10 new things about cooper:
uno- he loves any kind of pasta and sauce example everyday he wants mac n cheese or spagehtti.
dose-coloring he loves to color then of course eat the crayons.
three- crawling up down stairs all day he has been for awhile but now he does it non stop.
four- feeding his rabbit his lunch like nuggets and fries.
five- shaking his head no at any question you ask him.
six- taking one step and saying yay or standing by himself.
seven- finally allowing other people to love on him or babysit. yahooo
eight- wanting to get into everything he can awwwww
nine- my favorite thing making car noises when he plays trucks with his dad
ten- sleeping sideways.... couch city for me some nights

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

august has treated us well.. the best movie this month has been something borrowed kate hudson shes a total babe.. if you havnt seen it go out do it now.. true blood is still the best tv series ever. teen mom feels like 13 years ago. im so sick of seeing them on magazine saying teen mom ruined my life blah bah.. i do like american teenager on abc its entertaining listening to again of young kids and sex huh does no one have parents anymore... not dissing i hzve plenty of young teenage mothers friends there all great and they have beautiful babies. good work ladies i couldnt do it any younger than i was when i had my baby. we bought a xoom which is awesome we are house searching and fixing a few things around the house to sale ours.. its nice but i cant do the hood or having a house i dont love it wasnt my pick. garth did good but its still not my pick.. coops growing up so fast so close to walking its not funny.. growing buuuut not as much as the docs would like sooo were thinking about a feeding tube for 2 weeks or a button its where i can syringe his food directly to his stomach.. so many options. the life of a preemie hes my special boy hes my everything i wouldnt change our struggles for anything.. the things that happened made my family come together, my husband is my bestest friend, i now know whatbthe miracle means

Thursday, August 11, 2011

summer 2011

our faveorite things we did this summer: we've been to the zoo twice coop loved it everytime just a bit more than the last.. we loved seeing him smile and yell at the animals. we went to lagoon it was so stinking hott but we soaked coop with ice and swam most of the time. he started walking with his floating thing he loved it that we let him until he fell asleep. he loved camping, he loves everything he can do with his papa.. he got to play in dirt and eat hobo dinners with dirt. haha smores candy candy and more candy. coops now into trucks and making car noises.. he got a sand box and a swimming pool. thats our summer so far quite fun for a one year old.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Son My Baby My Life.

since we've had our precious baby Cooper. our whole world has changed we go to primary children's every 6 months for a neonatal follow up. We visit dr. pollary every 2-4 weeks for check ups. Were sick a lot more and dont leave the house as often as we use to.! We've lost a lot of sleep do to the fact that he sleeps in our bed still. Not going on dates without him because hes such a mommas boy! but i wouldnt trade anything for him! he has made me realize what life really is. Sometimes its a struggle and i dont know how i will make it threw the day.
May 14 we celebrated his first birthday 2 days after his due date. is was windy and horrible weather i cried because i had put so much work into it being absolutely perfect! it was curious george theme and adorable. he had so many presents to open but fell asleep before he could do it. Im not sure on having other children because i wouldnt want what to happen with cooper happen again. Primary children's is a great hospital staff is amazing but to see another one of my babies go threw that might put me out! enjoy your children skip date nights and the bar or whatever you do to stay home with them and stare at them while they sleep or listen to the breath. its amazing and im glad i had Cooper when i did! it has made me a stronger believer in GOD i will argue and argue with anyone who thinks god does not live. I have proof sitting by me as i write. Hes now 15 lbs and 15 months old. he stands 26inches and has 4 teeth. all ten toes and fingers. and not a single health problem!

ive told so many people coopers birth story but ive never actually written it all down. September i took 2 pregnancy test they were both positive. WOW! is what i thought how exciting. (garth and i were having troubles with some friends so i was actually thinking GREAAAAT!) I was bestfriends with Ashlee B. she told me about dr griffth that was her doctor and i should go to him. my first appointment i went alone garth was working. It was amazing you hear the hearbeat they give you tons of things to look at it.! when i went to the doctor i was 12 weeks along already! i had no idea what i was supposed to do now! he never once mentioned prenateles or anything like that. a few weeks passed and while carrying laundry upstairs i felt something running down my leg looked down and it was blood! i just started crying. called my doctor they told me it was commen to come in anyway. so of course i drove 90 miles an hour to the hospital they did my first ultrasound she looked at the blood spots told me they were common i would be fine just not to have sex or do anything strainuous. she then asked me if i wanted to know the sex i looked at her very surprised and said i thought you couldnt tell what the sex was until you were 15 weeks. she laughed ands said " honey your 16 weeks along" so jumping from 12 to 15 weeks. then i started to worry that dr griffth was a fraud... days went on and on and on.. until i reached 18 weeks early decemeber. I was getting ready to take my cousins to the movies. I went into my grandmas kitchen and started having really bad pains in my back ( contractions) and i tried to stand and couldnt almost like i was pralalized. then WHOOOSH something just soaked my pants. My grandmas asked me if i peed.. we both looked at eachother and started crying! we ran to the car and drove to the hospital i was admitted in and they tried and tried to contact griffth NO ANSWER. so dr. b came in and told me that our baby was to small to be deliverd and i would loose it that night. i was in the shock that i couldnt breathe i couldnt talk cry NOTHING. i was loosing blood like no other. he didnt no what to do because he has never seen anything like it. i sat in the vernal hospital for 2 days expecting to deliver my baby. they told me to plan a funeral if i wanted to... so did i had a special coffin made for his little body. they also told me i could possibly die giving birth because i was at such high risk for infection. so much to take on in a short amount of time. the tow days past and NO BABY. he had a srtong heartbeat and moving around like he was supposed to. i was put on bed rest and told that i would loose him ooner or later to not get my hopes up. my stepmom when i was a little kid told me she had 2 preeemie babies and she would help me with a better doctor. she told her doctor about me and i went into see him. he told me totally different things then waht dr. g told me. i was happy once again. i went IMC in murray utah when i was 24 weeks. they told me to plan on living in there hospital until he was born. i was scaried then no family or husband for months..... long story short i stayed there for ONE week. on my 25 week i gave birth to the most tinest baby ive ever laid eyes on. It took 3 hours of labor. I was only dialted to a 6 and they said that was good enough. i took two pushes and i he was out I didnt hear a cry nothing. they put him threw a window and told us they would do what they could wiht him. i was sent up to my room and waited for family to come. Garth and my grandparents were the first to see him! i was trying my hardest to get any breast milk out of me that i could! then hours later garths parents showed up and they saw him! then it was my turn. only 4 hours after birth i waddled downstairs to see my little miracle. I couldnt believe what i was seeing a ONE POUND BABY he was the size of a dollar.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jeisca Peterson Took His One Years.

cooper will be one the 27th of January.
We wont be celebrating his birthday Until May when he was due.
we'll be having a pretend birthday at Farrs on the 27th for his little kid friends.
cant wait to plan a one year old birthday in May.

CooPs. AdVenTurE.

Today which is January 17 Cooper got his first TOOTH!! actually teeth. TWO on his bottom right next to eachother! How sad i wish he was still a tiny baby. Nows hes getting all big and kinda Mean ;) I remeber last year around this time i was waiting for him to be born. Now I dont want him to grow up!!! It goes by wayyy to fast.. ;(

Friday, January 14, 2011


Coops first halloween october 31 2010.

we went trick or treating around my grandmas neighborhood and then to a couple friends house.

He dressed as a zebra.

His cousin Chase (my nephew) Dressed as a transformer.

We went to a couple halloween parties. He didnt care much for them.

reccccent!!! 1-14-11

Coop is now obsessed with paper!! Holey Cow... He will tear any magazine up in seconds. He exotically loves the white see threw envelopes your bills come in. He finds little pieces of paper everywhere i can never miss one day of vacuuming. I now have to call him beast!

He loves music.. he loves it loud and noisy example: Poison ha the 80's rock band. Hes quite spoiled. Always wanting to be held or cuddled. Now he can crawl HES EVERYWHERE. putting cords in his mouth so we had to baby proof the house. Never new i would have to so soon.

Yelling he looooves to yell. Stop.Yell. its his new game.

Splasing in the tub or trying to roll over. He cant sit up which is weird ha. so he cant go in the tub yet. But soon hopefully hes getting to big for his baby tub.

Eating baby food 3 times a day.!! im running out of food alll the time. He eats way to much He loves it though so we'll keep dishing it in to him.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cooper 12/10

On christmas our little cooper did his first army crawl aww!! i was so excited he is quite the roller but now hes everywhere!!! its so much fun to see all the things he can learn. He'll be 8months on May 11 or ONE on january 27th. so hes caught up kinda to his gestational age. But he won't sit up for some reason in a high chair or on the floor. Just in a bumbo. 

Friends! HighSchool. ETC.

My best est friend Hillary called me today and said i just found a note and i have to read it to you. I had written a letter to one of my JR HIGH boyfriends and she found it. HA HA it was so funny we were all so dumb. We defiantly thought we were mature! I remember when we wrote notes to people because not everyone had text. Now days i don't think kids even write notes to there friends a little while ago i threw all of them away they were kept in a huge show box. I'm so mad that i did that because they were allll so funnnnny!!! In 6th grade Hillary and I had this teacher who hated us so bad! In the middle of class once he stood up and told everyone that we were white trash and everybody started laughing so hard that we all got detention. We weren't aloud to write notes in class and if you were caught you got into so much trouble. I did find an old diary that I had wrote in about people i hated this was liked 4th grade. Ive been out of school for 2 years in may and i actually reallllly miss it!!

Cooper And His Monthly Visits To Primary Childrens

Coops doing so well for being 15 weeks early. Not on the charts for weight YET! He hasn't had any long term health problems. All the doctors think hes doing AMAZING! They call him super cooper. Yesterday we visited the surgeon who did coops NECK surgery. I'm more than pleased with primary children's I defiantly owe them more than they charged me for! Miracles really do happen. I pray a little bit harder and pay a lot more tithing!

Our Adventures.

Yesterday was my cousin Keatons birthday. He just turned 16!! He really wanted to go to adventures pizza or something like its right by cowabunga bay and the VF outlets. Hes the sweetest kid and he sure did have lots of fun. Cooper got to ride his first merry go round and play at his first arcade! There food is quite random and not very good but the arcade makes up for it. They have laser tag, mini golf, go-kart racing, bumper cars and tonnnns of games.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CoOPeR K. scOTt. Established 2010.

cooper k Scott was born January 27 in Murray at IMC. He was 15 weeks early and 1lb. 11oz. he was the light of our life's... I lost my water at 18 weeks for no reason. I sat down at the bar to get ready for the movies and it felt like i had peed everywhere. I ask my grandma what happened and she said we better head to the ER. So we did Dr. Griffith wasn't in of course!!! so we had Dr. breitenbach he was such a nice man,, he tried to keep us all calm and called everyone he knew to tell us what our results were. They told me I would loose my little bebe boy! I was admitted into Ashley valley hospital for two days to prevent infection. he never came and never came. So i went for a second opinion. The doctor made a few calls and he told me to go see IMC in Murray Utah when i turned 24 weeks. I waited and waited never gained any fluids. So i went to IMC they told me positive things and negative things to not expect a perfect 10 fingered 10toed baby. I cried for dayyyyyys. But when January 27Th came along 12:42 hours before my husband Garth would return to vernal to go back to work. I was having cramps had NOOOOO idea they were contractions i stayed up until 3 am tossing and turning. Garth had fallen asleep so i buzzed the nurse telling her i was having pains. Dr. porter checked me i was 3 centimeters dilated. he sent me downstairs. I became even more dilated up to a 6. They gave me an epidural. AWWWWWW loved it. I fell asleep became sick threw out the night so they gave me potassium and a lung medicine for Coop. at 9:39 it was time to pussssh. I was rushed into a tiny room with a hole in the wall that's where they would put coop threw and try and save his life. 9:41 I pushed a little 1lb baby out. NO CRIES NO NOTHING. i was speechless when they handed this tinnnny hairy baby over threw the hole. I recovered 2 hours later i seen HIM. He was absolutely the most perfect thing in the world. He was on machines every inch of his body was covered. I remember i couldn't cry. All i could do was stare. He was perfect!! EVERYBODY had told me he wasn't going to make he would be in wheelchairs no hand no feet. Everyday when i look him i cry a little inside. HE MADE IT! I hope i can make his life worth living for. God let my precious baby live for a reason. Im thankful for that moment more than anything. MIRACLES do happen so dont every believe they wont. Cooper is now almost one and is 13 lbs. little yes. probably wont do all the things kid his age are but i dont care. He is and will always be perfect to me!!!