Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Diaper bag whore

The title is real. I love diaper bags. When I had Cooper 6 years ago (19) I thought for days about getting a juicy couture diaper bag. Than when I saw they were $200 I'm like no I'm too poor. Sad face! So I got I thirty-one bag like a tote open top with his name on it. Ok! So Unpractical haha. I lost everything! Well 2014 my sweet baby Seamus was born and I had gone to a cousins baby shower before I new I was pregnant. And she got a petunia pickle bottom boxy backpack omg that thing was amazing and cute!
It had two straps so you could wear it as a backpack. Handy as fuh! Because those straps always fall off your shoulder. It was square, nice fabric easy to clean. I switched only because it had no pockets well 4 small ones inside. Two bottles a place for the changing mat, and two for diapers and wipes. 
Than I saw on a cloth diaper exchange a jujube. Same thing backpack style, shorter, zipper pockets, many more. But it was pink cheap but pink. So I switched to a Vera Bradley convertible. I have it now, the backpack strap is rough not comfortable at all so I one shoulder strap it. It's cute has many functional pockets. But!!! I saw on Pinterest the cutest striped bag! Shoulder strap or arm, stroller straps, inside was magical! Click. Kate spade Stevie awwww it was beautiful but $350 blah. So I threw my dream away until... I remembered poshmark. And score for $75 all black. So excited to get it! 
Here is a picture of them all exact colors. Although the blue and black was pink. Don't buy them full price. eBay, poshmark, yard sales.