Saturday, June 17, 2017

she is sugar and spice and everything nice.

A Girl.
I was so scared to have three kids. We were living at my grandparents house because Garth was working in Texas. We did a lot of planning to move because I thought we would all move there while I was pregnant. Everything kept falling out of place. Every house I found something went wrong. The neighborhood was in a flood zone. There was a sex offender too close. OK! I was done. I had to stay in Utah. My hormones were crazy and I was in the worst mood of my life. I felt so weird and unhappy. Especially when I had to go to my ultrasound alone to find out what the baby was. So, I had the tech put the picture in a envelope and I was going to FaceTime Garth when he got home from work. I was already certain it was boy. We opened it together and it was a girl. A Girl. what in the world was I going to do with a girl. I was not happy. I felt bad all the time.

The Love Of My Life.
I was induced on a Tuesday night at 9. (like my previous baby before, stubborn) I had her on Thursday morning. but I felt like it was different and faster even though it was the same amount of time. Pushing was easier she was ready to come. We couldn't wait for her to come. Those big dark eyes staring back at us. Her sweet tiny cry. She was literally perfect. I was getting my tubes tied the next morning. I was a little scared. I just had our Girl. and I had to leave her to go get surgery. I had to be put under and it was only suppose to be a couple of hours but I guess I didn't wake up from anesethia until much later. { I do suggest tubal ligation after you are sure you are done with babies}We lots of visitors and this time around I didn't mind people coming and seeing her. With Collins I didn't want anyone to hold him or visit us. With Ruairi I wanted people to see her. Hold her. Visit us. Fuss over her.

Next Few Days At Home.
She was calm. She drank a bottle just fine. She was happy. I decided not to breastfeed her because I had just stopped breastfeeding Collins right before she was born. {22 months} it wasn't cheap but it helped so much. Three kids is a lot I did have a lot of help but it was still easier. so if you don't breastfeed don't feel bad. She is 9 months and she is so smart and has only been sick once. I see no difference in breastmilk and formula fed babies.

Nine Months Later.
don't worry she is literally clawing at the computer as I type this. She loves to help. she stands up against anything that will hold her. she talks and talks her favorite word MAMA. (yay) She loves to smile. which I love. smiling is the best accessory a girl can have. She eats anything and i mean anything. puppy food, paper, toys, baby food, goldfish crackers, cookies, ice cream, popsicles. And we gave her a sippy cup {win} she loves it. Collins went back and forth on a sippy cup. he still breastfed and had sippy/bottles. She sleeps in her own bed. {Collins did not ever do this and he still don't} She is so brave. She gets so excited when we see people she knows. She loves animals. Car rides are her favorite. She falls asleep every single time.

{ here is to 100 more years of raising a strong, independent, beautiful, happy girl.}