Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 new things about cooper

1. He's potty trained expect for nights.
2. Loves puppy's
3. Is talking so well.
4. Has mastered the kindle
5. Obsessed with bread
6. No more naps
7. Baseball all day
8. Buddies and sandlot are his go to movies
9. Loves me to give him kisses all over his face
10. Wants to swim all day

So far this summer....

We have had an awesome summer. My handicapped cousin graduated from copper hills high school in West Jordan. They had a huge graduation at the E center. Way to many people for someone with a broken foot. Yep, me the last day of school I jumped out of a parked vehicle and twisted my ankle in stupid toms on rocks. Well.. After graduation we went to Olive Garden where they had to seat 20 of us. All my cousins and aunts and uncles in one place! So fun (well just the important family) we than stayed at my aunts house where we ventured off to kearns aww!!! To a Rec center it was something else. The people who worker there were straight up a**holes. I had a broken foot and they made me walk threw a wet locker room. But to make it all better we did some target shopping. And I road in one of those electric cars. Ha!! So funny. I've never loved shopping in one place before. Target is the bees knees.
Than we went camping well at red canyon lodge. Best way to camp. You get to see the little pond and deer have running water and a kitchen. No hassle of cleaning a trailer after your done. For a $150 you get two full sized beds and a futon couch. Plus a kitchen and bathroom. For $125 you get one bed one futon couch, kitchen and bathroom. And you get to run the river. That was a blast. Even though one leg was covered and got zero sun. The river isn't to fast this year. It's deeper than last year. And it was freezing! I've mostly been staying at my grandparents house. Having a broken foot with a 3 year old isn't to easy. We just barely came home yesterday because the swelling has gone down and i only have 2 weeks left. I got my braces off too! The first time I had them on for 7 years and the second time a year and 4 months. Holy cow I love my big smile now! After I get my cast off we are headed to lagoon and right before school Disneyland!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mother's Day.

Garth and Cooper are really good at picking out mothers day gifts. They always come home with the funniest cards and really good chocolate. Last year I got my wisdom teeth out the same weekend of mothers day. So I got to sit in bed all weekend. I woke up to Harry potter dealthy hallows and my fist pandora braclet. I love pandora so much. I spend way to much money and time picking out beads. Amazon is a really great cheap place to by beads FYI. Im a chocoholic, anything in chocolate i'm down. My top five things I want this year are...







I have had many pets.
lets see... A hamster it was orange, Herbert.
A hedgehog, it stunk so bad.
A water turtle. It also was filthy.
Gerbils. Terrible pets. They multiply soo fast.
Another Hamster.
A boston terreir Dotty
A pug Hannah
A boston terrier Lilly
A pug gabby
A boston terrier Marilyn
A pug Frankie
now we have a tortoise.

we may move... in 10 years or so....

As I sit here with Cooper who BTW just got shaved. :( sad.. I think about moving, and not to another part of Utah. I think hmm what about Hawaii. It is beautiful. Than I think what about Maine? or Australia? So I do my research i dont do anything without research.

Here is what i found about Hawaii. its expensive. HOLEY MOLEY. I will never complain again. But than of course they must be paid more too. For a 6 bedroom house 7 bathrooms (HAA) with 101 beach front access OH make a guess?? Yep 22 MILLION WTF? UHH NO THANKS. Than i type something more resonable. 2 bedrooms 1 bath 165,000. still a lot. We just sold a 5 bedroom 2 bath home for 175,000.
Than i see dont come- A dozen reasons why you shouldnt move to Hawaii. There isnt anymore room. its over crowded with malahinis. They dont want us. I actually dont blame them. We Americans hate when other cultures or races come to America.
1. BUGS they have huge cockroaches and geckos poop like mice.
2. Million dollar shacks. the houses arent in shape to live in. The land is very important to them. they dont like to sell it to anyone. OKAY>
3.Aloha attire. It is mandatory haha thats fine i would love to walk around with only a bra and flowered button up ;)
4. Fasletto. that sweet sweet music you hear on 50 first dates. MELT me.
5. Hawaiian Time. Everyone is late dont expect different.
6. POI its in high demand. 2 per customers.
7.Melanoma Slather your spf40 or wear a button up
8.Building department. one of the challenges associated with overcoming Item #2 above. Just try to build your own home, or renovate that fixer-upper. You'll need a building permit to so much as install a dimmer switch or put in a new bathroom faucet. Go to to the City Planning and Permitting offices to get one - and that's where the fun really begins.
9.Pidgin its not a difficult language but its hard to understand.
10. The most popular breed in Hawaii. which are used for security systems.
11. BIGGY FOR ME.. no trader Joes. so no shopping. like bed bath beyond, bath and body works, target. Olive Garden. and if you do buy online it will probably cost double to ship if they will ship it to you. AWW.
12. hard to rent.                                !!!!!OH its so pretty though!!!!
Getting There.. of course you would have to fly. A whole 14 hours and 30 minuets.
hahah its a long long long proccess. first you must apply for visa. who knows how long that will take to get back. We as in Garth Cooper and I would have to apply for a 12 month work/play visa. If we want to stay longer we would have to find a job to sponsper us. Than to move any kind of furniture is $6000 so we would just sell everything. Than of course you have to fly its around $2000.
But rent is soooo cheap. and for beautiful HOMES not apartments or condos. A 3 bedroom 1 bath 1 car gargae, 240.00 a week. Buying isnt to bad either 3 beds 1 bath 300k.
A few things about the down under you may not know:::
Australian English
English is the official language of Australia, but not as we know it. Aussies love to confuse foreigners with their accent but also use different words.
The news reports that someone was ‘bashed’. The cheddar cheese in the supermarket is defined as either being ‘mild’ or ‘tasty’.
Then there are phrases like “I was flat out like a lizard drinking” which once you’ve thought about it is a very colourful way of saying “I was busy”. I have noticed Queenslanders especially saying ‘but’ at the end of sentences (where you might say ‘though’) An example might be asking someone to go buy something from the shops and the reply being “I went already this morning but” I keep thinking ‘but what?’.

                                Australians are supposed to be laidback…but they’re not
Australia likes to portray itself as a country where people do jobs they love and head down to the beach for a bbq and a beer in the sunshine. The reality is that many people, while friendly, work long hours in stressful jobs. You don’t see that on the television do you?
Australia also has many strict rules that invite accusations of infringing on civil liberties. You can’t have an open container of alcohol in the street, even if you are sober, keeping it to yourself and not causing any trouble. Permitted blood alcohol limits are lower than in many other countries and a system of double demerits applies to the accrual of driving offences on public holiday periods (meaning if you are caught speeding for example you get double the negative points on your licence). Not so laidback afterall.

                                            You probably won’t be killed by the wildlife
Another thing Australians enjoy promoting is their wildlife. Much of Australia’s wildlife is unique to Australia, so it is indeed something to boast about, but many Australians also seem to delight in striking fear into foreign visitors with stories of sharks, funnelweb spiders, snakes, blue-ring octopus, box jellyfish, and even a few less likely sounding creatures such as drop-bears and hoop-snakes.
The reality is that most people live in urban areas and do not come into contact with any of these creatures frequently.

Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale technology is essentially the ability to pay for something with a card rather than cash. It’s just a credit card machine, but when you pay with a card in Australia you are asked to choose between cheque, savings or credit. I feel very virtuous saying savings, but it is really just your bank account.

                                                                 It is expensive
Australia has a healthy economy so if you are earning here you should be paid fairly decently. If you have a skill on the Australian shortlist then get in on their labour shortage and make the most of it.
At the same time however, it is an expensive place to live. Rent, food and fuel are all expensive. Hour-long domestic flights can cost $700.
Cars are pricey too. Forget the ready availability of second-hand cars found elsewhere. Buying a decent old banger for a couple of hundred dollars is extremely unlikely here. Think in thousands and you might get something that won’t leave you stranded by the (hot and empty) roadside (it will be 15 or more years old though).

                                                                   10% ?
Australians don’t tip. If you are the sort of person who panics about leaving a ‘fair’ tip then this will be a huge relief to you. However the unfortunate result in Australia is that customer service more often than not is appalling, as there is no incentive to provide good service.

Aside from indigenous people, Australia is a land of immigrants. Most people derive from another nationality only one or two generations back. This makes Australians pretty quick to accept foreigners into communities.
Of course there is lots of poking fun at other nationalities, but that is considered to be part of the fun and is usually only a means of friendliness.

                                                  Multilingual television
One example of how accommodating Australia can be to foreigners is the television channel broadcast in Australia that broadcasts programs in foreign languages. For non-English-speakers it must be an enormous comfort, so long as your specific language is at a convenient time.
I have noticed German news on at 7am (which is too early to practice my German!), followed by Italian programs. Turkish news broadcasts at noon and French programs are on in the afternoons. They are a good way to practice languages too.

                                                        It can be cool
Buildings are designed to keep the Australian sun out. For large parts of the year this is a very worthwhile exercise, but Australia has an oft-unspoken-of winter.
On the south coast there is a significant winter where night time temperatures hover around freezing for four months of the year, which to my mind is cold enough to warrant some central heating and double glazing, and yet many buildings have neither. They are all designed to be cool so take a sweater.

                                            It’s a bloody huge place
If you got out maps and compared the size of Australia and just about any other country you would come to the conclusion that it is an enormous place.
Australians will say they’re just heading up the road when what they really mean is they will be driving for four hours. They take nine-hour drives in their stride. This is all down to a difference in perception. To anyone from Europe you are probably crossing several countries in that time; in Australia you sometimes haven’t even crossed one State.
It sounds obvious but the sheer size of Australia is easily underestimated.

there you have it!!!!!!  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Newww something.

moved into a townhouse
obsessed with Sons of Anarchy and Its always sunny in Philadelphia
read two amazing books this year Extremely loud and Incredibly close and SteveO bio.
21 jumpstreet takes the cake for best movie
chicken enchiladas is my new favorite thing to cook
saving money for so many things this year.. Garth's hunting trip in Oct// Ashlee and Josh's wedding in Oregon// Her boudoir shoot in New Orleans
Hopeful we can start building in the fall.
got an Iphone and i hate love it.
skrillex and in this moment are two new fave bands
i want a new car Mini Cooper//Impreza Subaru//Diesel Jetta

10 NEW things about Cooper

1. He loves baseball
2. Swimming in the hot tub everytime we go to grandmas
3. Almost potty trained
4. In preschool
5. Counts to 10
6. Sings
7. New movies he enjoys Sandlot Space Jam Air Bud
8. In size 2T
9. Can do summer saults and head stands
10. Can get on the tramp all by himself and off.

what have we done so far in 2013

Coop Turned 3// Las Vegas for SteveO and Tom Greens comedy show//Coop starts school

husband turns 25 ( kindle and xbox games)//Valentines day (new wedding ring)

spring break and easter with family// went to the doctor for missed period and found out we are going to have troubles having a new baby

Kegan Tolbert gets married in Cedar City// Vegas// Nephews first baseball game// Coopers first parent teacher conference// Went to a South Hill party and loved everything// Delete Facebook get Twitter//redecorated bedroom (yellow and greys)// redecorated Coops room (baseball)// Sold our house.

Its the first day. Stay Tuned!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

A girls trip.

June 17 2012. Lacey C. And I ventured off to New Orleans, Louisiana. Nobody really new it was a surprise trip. We went to baton roughe to get Boudiour pictures taken for anniversary presents. It was around 1700 each for the whole trip. We got to stay downtown in NO. It was beautiful and green. Sooo humid but you could walk forever because of it. The whole place is gorgeous. The people were nice as can be. The best ice tea you have ever tasted. We only stayed a weekend because I hate to leave my baby. The flight wasn't bad it didn't take very long and it was my first time flying. Scared? Yes! Ha I had the worst headache and about thirst to death. But I had my bestfriend and we had soo much fun. The woman of the night and there outrageous graveyards were my favorite part!! They all sit above ground because there so much rain. We even saw bones in one that cracked. I would go back in a heart beat. Especially for the alligator tour!!! Did you know that alligators love marshmellows and French? Haa! Btw Boudiour is the best present ever :)))

A whole year has gone bye...

It has been a year since i have wrote. Way to many things have happened. Ive forgotten how to type fast lol.

Cooper is now 3! He's still so small but oh boy he is mighty. He loves everything.


Space Jam


Oreo Cookies (just the cream)





Meeting new people

Saying hello to everyone

Pretending he is shy.

We finally sold our house we first bought when we got married. totally disaster. We had two sets of renters the worst mistake ever. I thought we would have to live there forever. But God answered our prayers. We do have to rent until everything goes through with bank and the family who bought it. But we don't mind its a fun little condo. Our neighbors are never home. The only sucky part it we don't have a nice big yard