Sunday, August 31, 2014

40 + weeks

I have only complained Once or Twice.
About being three days over.
Once because I have a terrible stupid no good cold.
Second because we are super anxious to meet this beautiful baby boy.

I know going over could only mean.. he's super comfy and God is trying to teach me patience.
It's funny how I thought the minute I stopped my progesterone shots I would have him. I also thought moving and packing would put me into labor. So we hurried as fast as we could to move. I was worried sick about moving with a tiny baby and all his things everywhere :/ here's to Tuesday and hopefully getting induced Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

10 things.

1) I love my kindle unlimited $9.99 a month. I cancelled prime for this.

2) Merle Norman it's in the strip by Kmart.
Their jewelry is sooo CUTE!

3) gel polish from walgreens

4) walgreens I spend so much money there.

5) frozen hot chocolate from deja brew.

6) feeling these aggressive baby jabs.

7) Cooper school clothes. I loved the already made outfits.

8) maxi skirts. Jeans are sooo uncomfortable now. And I don't want to wear jammies because one it's too hot and two they just don't look that cute.

9) staying home. Being lazy! NO vitamin d for us.

10) I haven't cooked in forever actually something that was good. But we're right in the middle of moving and I'm not buying groceries.
:) xoxo

38 weeks

Oh I am sooo close!
& wee baby is 6 lbs and 11oz
Good Lord grow baby grow.

Cooper is all registered for his third year of preschool. :( but those two or maybe three days a week are going to be spent getting my pre pregnancy body back. Sooo I'm sorta not sad anymore.

I just read rain girl!!! Afreakinmazing loved it!! It reminded me of the killing which is now over.

Buuut SOA is about to start. Eeeek!! I've been having soa reruns just to get back in game.

Been super busy and hoping that my contractions would stick but they come and go all day. Oh well!! He'll come when he wants. Mothers of preterm baby's don't complain. Because there's always hot baths and pedicures. :)

Collins has a middle name haha and it's after a tv star baby. We always said we would stick with a family name. Wellll I couldn't this time. He's probably the last baby so he gets a kick ass middle name.