Friday, May 16, 2014

it's been awhile....

soooo let's see I follow a gal on IG and she was doing a sorry not sorry post
Soooo I had to do one! 

Sorry I'm not sorry 
Cooper is four and still sleeps in our bed 
Let's be honest... So will baby two!
Sorry I'm not sorry
I'm so over prepared for this baby and that rocks!! so suuuuck it. 
Sorry I'm not sorry 
What is with these cheesy ass engagements! Like I know your trying to 
be Sexual but it looks like you farted and it stinks. 
Sorry I'm not sorry 
That we have literally ate out every night last week :// 
Sorry I'm not sorry 
When Cooper says bitch or sucker I laugh. 
Sorry I'm not sorry 
Cooper wants to play minecraft about... 80% of his day and I let him.
That was FUN right? haha 

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