Thursday, November 6, 2014

Collins 2 months.

My baby is 2 months. What!!!!! 
He's so funny. Loves his brudder. He's so smiley now. He loves to be naked all my children do! And loves tummy time. But only on dads chest :/ he loves the Mimi aka binky what do you call your binks?? We spend lots of alone time. 2 hours for 4 days. And that's awesome for him and me. We shower or tubby. Watch our shows. Have boob juice. I want them both to remember their child hoods as the best time of their life! I clean yes ha on Mondays and at night when dads home. But if coop wants to play zombies or mine craft than I stop and play unless I'm feeding baby. How do you manage a house & babies!?? 

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