Friday, May 16, 2014

mother's day 2014!

Mommy and Me selfie :) 
I love mothers day 
Not only do I get to send my Amazon wish list 
To my hubby and Cooper! 
I get to spoil my grans :) 
Shopping for her is so fun.. weird right? 
Tons of thank youse
For spoiling me rotten my whole life
She loves her kindle
And to embroidery.. 
Joans department of that was a fail
So Amazon is where I went..
Plus $79 a year for free two day shipping
To my surprise.. 
My present and hers came in the same box
Ohhhhh soooo exciting!!!! 
Those men in my life were so thoughtful 
This year and every other too.
Since Cooper has broken my only 
Willow tree figurine.. 
The dad mom holding a baby :)
Dad's head falls off mom has no arm 
I got......
The mom holding two BOYS# 
So bitter sweet. 
Those two sure are the best :) 
Plus cafe Rio (tres leche)
And watching what I wanted on Netflix!
Tried taking a bath alone
Cooper is the best bath partner ever :) 

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