Two Boys and their mom.

Two Boys and their mom.

Friday, May 16, 2014

no itty bitty titty committee here

With being pregnant comes.. headaches, heartburn, vomiting and fatigue.
No joke I'm up two cup sizes 
A ddd!!! 
Like who pays for these baby's! 
That's why I went on this long journey.. on Google! 
To find a sports bra made for well huge tits :) 
'LL bean sold me.
For $36.00 a two sided sports bra 

Disneyland here we come :))) 
(Post to follow)
Victoria secret is staying at HOME!! 
Well... With summer also comes 
Freaking swim suits!! 
Get this I went to beals (stuff anything you want in a bag get 30%)
tried on 5! Tops just tops..
Wear a tank over it cover baby bump YEAH WELL
I grabbed all XL
Hahahah you would have thought I got XS
Talk about frustration!!! :( 
I went home, got on trusty Google
Hells yeah!! Swim suit for busty women 

Size? DDD :) :) 
Also $30 SCORE! 
So you are welcome my big titted female friends :)) 

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