Sunday, May 18, 2014

post it.

I'm blogging way to much..
Said no-one ever!!
Sunday fun day! Cooper n I hanging out with the A.C. on :) 
I found this on another blog and had to do it! 

Making : memories with my four year old.
Cooking : ha nothing it's lunch at grandma's kind of day.
Drinking : water water water until my pee is clear.
Reading:  living duggar (by the four oldest Duggar girls)
Wanting: Ben & jerrys annd for this baby to be full term.
Looking: at Cooper climb all the bed with 50 guns.
Playing: the part of wonderful mom and wife ;)
Wasting: almost everything in my kitchen (foods gross to me)
Sewing: not a thing.
Wishing: my husband would get home.
Enjoying: the a.c.
Waiting: for our Disneyland trip next week
Liking: maternity shorts and sports bras
Wondering: what this baby will look like.
Loving: my family!! Grandparents, cousins, husband, my boys.
Hoping: that I can shed this baby weight fast
Marvelling:  how great I feel being pregnant
Needing: caffeine. White chocolate mocha frap
Smelling: lotion
Wearing: tank top and gym shorts
Following: the cutest Texas chick on IG
Noticing: how dirty my floors are :/
Knowing: that I'm ready for baby 2!!
Thinking: about everything! Always.
Feeling: hopeful, happy, loved
Bookmarking: pages on my kindle
Opening: a new chapter in out family
Giggling: Cooper watches stupid mine craft videos on YouTube
Feeling: excited for our trip and for my friend Hilary to get married.

Friday, May 16, 2014

mother's day 2014!

Mommy and Me selfie :) 
I love mothers day 
Not only do I get to send my Amazon wish list 
To my hubby and Cooper! 
I get to spoil my grans :) 
Shopping for her is so fun.. weird right? 
Tons of thank youse
For spoiling me rotten my whole life
She loves her kindle
And to embroidery.. 
Joans department of that was a fail
So Amazon is where I went..
Plus $79 a year for free two day shipping
To my surprise.. 
My present and hers came in the same box
Ohhhhh soooo exciting!!!! 
Those men in my life were so thoughtful 
This year and every other too.
Since Cooper has broken my only 
Willow tree figurine.. 
The dad mom holding a baby :)
Dad's head falls off mom has no arm 
I got......
The mom holding two BOYS# 
So bitter sweet. 
Those two sure are the best :) 
Plus cafe Rio (tres leche)
And watching what I wanted on Netflix!
Tried taking a bath alone
Cooper is the best bath partner ever :) 

no itty bitty titty committee here

With being pregnant comes.. headaches, heartburn, vomiting and fatigue.
No joke I'm up two cup sizes 
A ddd!!! 
Like who pays for these baby's! 
That's why I went on this long journey.. on Google! 
To find a sports bra made for well huge tits :) 
'LL bean sold me.
For $36.00 a two sided sports bra 

Disneyland here we come :))) 
(Post to follow)
Victoria secret is staying at HOME!! 
Well... With summer also comes 
Freaking swim suits!! 
Get this I went to beals (stuff anything you want in a bag get 30%)
tried on 5! Tops just tops..
Wear a tank over it cover baby bump YEAH WELL
I grabbed all XL
Hahahah you would have thought I got XS
Talk about frustration!!! :( 
I went home, got on trusty Google
Hells yeah!! Swim suit for busty women 

Size? DDD :) :) 
Also $30 SCORE! 
So you are welcome my big titted female friends :)) 

10 new Cooper facts

1. His personality is the show off 
2. He loves and I mean LOVE baseball
(He's really good too) 
3. His zombie obsession is still at full force
4. Sbox nerd! Minecraft errr day
5. He just finished his 2 year of preschool :(( 
6. He loves his grandpa! Those two are bestie
7. Going outside and riding his scooter FAST! 
8. He talks! Finally and sings A LOT 
9. Pizzy, waffles and root beer
10. He's going to be big broler in 91 days. 

and we shall call him COLLINS.

Even though I wanted to name him Juda :/ 
But since i was a boss ass betch with Cooper .. Garth can pick this one's name. 

Where do we start... Uh January! Even though I thought I was pregnant 900 times
I wasn't!! 
So when that double line showed up.
It was time for dad to leave work and stare at it with me. 
He couldn't of course! 
Cooper n I enjoyed our moment
"Mom you pee stinks"
Well for a minute we did. 
Having your first baby at 19  is not only scary
But is even more so when he decides to be delivered at 25 weeks. 
You all know read past posts ;) 
I was ready to do whatever it took to keep this girl in. 
Haha don't we all want a girl after having a boy???
Getting progesterone shots every Monday until I was (36 weeks) 
Oh absolute dr.lewis whatever you tell me I'm going to do.
yeah those things HURT!!!! 
In your hip alternating sides each week. 
They burn and the medicine is like oil!! 
Thick and goes in sooo slow 
It's for an amazing cause I'LL DO IT! 
 being with child made me so happy!! 
Not fitting into my jeans at 10 weeks HA that did not.
My skin and hair were fabulous though HUGE PERKS
But now I'm 27 weeks and feel freaking amazing. 
Coll man moves like a circus animal. 
I cannot sleep on my right side.... It's like my body shuts down
I don't dig my swollen hands or feet. 
For someone who lived on water pills :/ 
Yeah I'm not into going to the gym either. 
my exercise is a four year old and house work.
Sooo far so good!!!! I'm so excited for August 15 :) 

it's been awhile....

soooo let's see I follow a gal on IG and she was doing a sorry not sorry post
Soooo I had to do one! 

Sorry I'm not sorry 
Cooper is four and still sleeps in our bed 
Let's be honest... So will baby two!
Sorry I'm not sorry
I'm so over prepared for this baby and that rocks!! so suuuuck it. 
Sorry I'm not sorry 
What is with these cheesy ass engagements! Like I know your trying to 
be Sexual but it looks like you farted and it stinks. 
Sorry I'm not sorry 
That we have literally ate out every night last week :// 
Sorry I'm not sorry 
When Cooper says bitch or sucker I laugh. 
Sorry I'm not sorry 
Cooper wants to play minecraft about... 80% of his day and I let him.
That was FUN right? haha