Friday, October 17, 2014

Babies and well babies

My life is pretty darn content right now. Two cute boys in my bed. One does have a tummy ache it might have been that Thai chicken pizza. It was delicious though but I'll skip it next time. It's a crazy life with two boys. So much fun but hectic. Especially this week.. We had dentists appointment and I got birth control and we got tons of awesome stuff in the mail 😊 we love mail day!! Coop got the cutest haircut. Reminds me of Charlie sheen on major league (wild thing) they got their costumes and coopers new shirts from Knox and Lola oh shoot they are my favorite. I finally upgraded my phone. See it's been a fun busy week!! Cloth diapering is going awesome. Which reminds me there are quite a few that need to be put away in the dryer. Coop still loves school. Collins is a super chunk I would say 9.5 lbs now maybe more. He loves his boob juice. I'm in need of a hair dye and some fake eyelashes asap. I love being mom but not bleh. After seeing the super cute mom in the doctor office. But I do have two boys how am I ever suppose to be clean. 

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