Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Vacay Update.

My family is sleeping, well my hubby and youngest are. Coop is just causing shenanigans all over the room. Swinging this freaking light sabor at everything.

Ok! We missed our first flight by 10 min literally it was scheduled to leave at 6:50. The hotel in Denver Told us the shuttle would take us to the airport at 5:30. Well.... There's my first mistake we should have left at 4:30. Alright, this is where I learned all the types of people in the world. We had to make a stop at a neighboring hotel, you had to sign the list to get on to assure you were on it. Well people started loading and more and more came on. So the driver said some have to get off if you aren't on the list. No one moved. Than these two girls with wet hair who had woken up late said they weren't leaving. He said fine but at least move so the older couple could sit down, they wouldn't. So on we went. Got to the airport our luggage was 3 lbs over so we had to pay $50. Security took an hour. Than Collins had a freaking mellllllt down. I'm juggling him a diaper bag and a stroller that would not fold up. So after buying new tickets 1,750 dollars later we caught a flight to charlotte (2 hours long) than hurried and fed the boys and back on a plane to Orlando. Poor Collins was so hungry for real food and a major wet diaper change. Plus the poor baby hadn't pooped all day. Check in was fast and it was dark so finding our room was cray! They are individual villas with 15 or so rooms per building and we were building 34! So off we went. But magic express would bring our luggage. A nice shower than some Cajun style dinner. Relaxing in our room. We are at the port Orleans riverside. It's beautiful!!! And reminds me so much of New Orleans. It's swampy and crickets  at night. And a lot of squirrels.

Today {Wednesday} we got a late start. We were tired. So we went to Hollywood studios. In my plan this wasn't something we wanted to do in a day we were going to break it up with Epcot. We went at 8 and we got done at 4. But we missed several things we wanted to do. The toy story mania, Star Wars, and Indiana jones these are movie type deals not the ride. We did go to Disney JR live. Ok it was cute!!! Collins loved seeing Mickey and Sophia, and his Stuffie. They were puppet type things age a live girl who narrates than things that come from the sky. We ate at Pizza Planet. We wanted to hit up the arcade but Collins was so hungry and tired.

I'll go on tomorrow after we do more! But so far so good. We haven't had any melt downs! And I'm enjoying my hubby time. I can't keep my hands off him! I'm kissing him or squeezing his butt all day!

Friday, December 18, 2015

cray fish

My life has like literally been stressful.. I never complain, because there is someone out there who has I worse than me. but every once in awhile I can. I have the best friends in the world. my very best friend is 780 miles away from me. { Garth } I miss him so much. I live at my grandmas with my sweet handsome butthole sons. But there's just something about having your honey home with you every night. I miss him like crazy. But tomorrow he is coming home for two weeks and one week of that we are spending in FLORIDA. I couldn't think of a better memory and Christmas for two boys. plus I need to get some down time with my sexual.

so really it's been really crazy to plan this all. I am a planner though. I love it. I love to be in charge. so a week between Disneyworld, Universal studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Harry Potter world. I can do this. haha its the packing Im like struggling with. Garth has our suitcase in Oklahoma with him.


we need to move together. he's been in OK for like two months now. and I need him. haha ok so do his children. but like the wife needs him. So next will be finding a house. Renting of course. and do we need to take like everything some things. none things. I don't know.

I have been trying to keep  myself sane for two months. so if you ever need something to do:
1. watch Longmire on Netflix.
2. Plan a vacation.
3. Watch Jane the Virgin on Netflix than start season two on Hulu.
4. Read the lyrics to NWA songs so you can sing them in the car.
5. Clean your car.
6. Watch Gossip Girl on Netflix. its really cute.
7. Watch Awkward on Hulu. TEAM MATTY
8. im not going to say workout because ive done none of that.
9. I did take up a coffee habit. I go every morning after coops on the bus.
10. watch movies you wont finish on
11. Keep surprises for yourself. like I bought nail polish and decided to paint my nails one day.
12. take quizzes online

Collins is 15 months old. crazy right! he's 22lbs and talks talks. does dance a little. unwraps all the presents. loves the hot tub. yells at everyone. he is so friendly. loves his boob juice.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

My boys fight haha

My title is what is happening right now. haha my 11 month old and my 5 year old FIGHT!! haha they push each other, they are so hilarious. Well the little one does get hurt more than the big one.

End of the week. and nothing exciting happened. But some things I'm loving are:

1) mangos freezer dried.
2) Chipotle Rubbed Jerky.
3) Essie color Play Date
4) Just go with it and Whiplash are my go to movies
5) Friday Night Lights I have watched 5 seasons in 2 weeks. haha That Tim Riggins is a FREAKING babe. oh my word!!!!
6) I still love coopers Citrus Lane boxes he gets every month. they have the cutest stuff.
7) our little Chihuahua his name is Romeo. He's the sweetest little guy ever.
8) I am on the hunt for the Entertainment issue with Jax Tellar

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


life has been... well... exciting. we've had family drama, reunion, shopping trips, a move..

we are currently in my Grandparents camper. we were renting and decided that buying our own home was something we wanted to do. we've rented the last 3 years since we sold our first home. ups and downs. lost lots of money. ugh. well now we are trying to decide if we should stay in vernal or move to Co. so that's the move part.

we went to West Jordan (we is my two cousins, myself, and the boys.) to visit my Aunt Kim. She took us to the Traverse Mountain Outlets in Lehi by Cabelas. Ok they outrank Tanger outlets in Park City by like 100% they are so amazing. Busy. Their Gap was huge I love the Gap. Its expensive but their kids clothes hold up so well. There is a Jcrew, Vans, American Eagle, All the good kids shops, H&M. I bought tons of stuff and didn't spend over $300.

My Grandma Brown sister has a cabin passed Duchense. So she had a family reunion with her kids and grandkids and my grandmas kids and grandkids. it was a lot of fun. they had raffles and drawings. smoked a lamb and a pig. salads everywhere. the best part was we got to sit on the porch and talk, make jokes, laugh. that cabin was b.e.a.uuuutiful (spell It out like jim carrey its better).

on a more serious note... my family has a drug addiction problem. some of us even suffer from alcohol abuse. Personal but my Mom has been a drug addict since I was born. she is almost 50 {48} so its been on and off for 24 years. She would be clean for 2 months and than be dirty. It has always been that way. And somehow along the way she had my aunt {her sister} and my oldest sister follow her. Their choice of drug was Crystal Meth. You've seen what someone looks like on Meth, my sister is a poster of that. So, drugs are something I don't take lightly. My cousin whom I love very dearly with all my heart, whom I consider my sister more than a cousin has fallen into the ces pool of Heroin. She did Drill Team and was a Cheerleader in High School. All it took was a low life piece of crap boy to drag her into it. She was kind of a trouble maker in High School, like staying out to late, being busted at party's. She got one consumption. But drugs. They are dirty. They make you steal and stink and make you ugly. They take your personality and throw it away. They take any shred of humanity you have and step on it. You are never the same. Even if you go to Rehab or Jail. You just meet more people who are like you. You learn better tricks. You are better off going to a morgue and picking out a burial plot. She has stolen over 5,000 from two sets of grandparents and a parent. That's not including the property she has stolen or the goods she has pawned. I feel like her being arrested and being sent to jail which will happen soon. Might be a wake up call. or maybe something to brag about and get attention from. she's also a narcissistic attention whore. she loves everybody to drop what they are doing and go to her rescue. She has made so many suicide attempts or more like the girl who cried wolf. It's heartbreaking. She has 5 younger siblings who are watching her go threw this. She's not alone. But I feel like most drug addicts act like they have no one. self centered. They will ruin a relationships with anyone. Steal from anyone. It's a sickness. There really is no cure. Even if you stay sober for 50+ years you still have that in the back of your mind. Like a ticking time bomb. I have seen some people go threw rehab, jail, and have absolutely nothing and come out and be a better person. one time. the other people they go back. they love the lifestyle. Being broken down, poor, hungry, homeless, beaten up, sick. Than I see the ones who can't make it out so they take their own life's. I understand that now.

We all have skeletons. Nobody's family is perfect. We shouldn't hide these people in our family's. We should try and help them. Not give them everything they want. Which is usually money. Give them a place to stay to sober up for the night. Most likely they will go out the next day and get high. Don't give them cash. Don't let them steal from you. Good Luck to whomever needs it.

POSITIVE my baby is 12 months in one month.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

your last day

IF today was your last day...
What would you want your last meal to be??
Who would you want to be spending it with?
Where would you want to be?
I find myself pondering the everyday struggles. Either good or bad. I worry about what might happen to garth while he's at work. Or what would happen if I was held at gun point. Of course I am the hero and totally kick the persons ass. I just finished a book The Rabbit Back Literature  Society. its one of my new favorites. and the ending has you thinking about the whole book. Every small detail. I like to always think about what ifs. My cousin and I use to play this game with all my neighbors. If they had a new car in their driveway for example we would think of scenarios of why that new car was there. like the wife had a secret lover or the husband was really a drug dealer. super funny!!!
so my last meal.. you have to think long and hard. its your last meal. you think at first oh juicy hamburger with cheese. ok but what kind of hamburger?? kangaroo, buffalo, beef. Than your bun hogey, regular old bun, onion. Cheese ohh American cheese, munster, gouda, pepper jack, mozz. see haha its a lot to think about. than do you want toppings.

but no that wouldn't be my last.

 I want calamari and cheese sticks for an appetizer. than ice cold champagne. ohhhh the bubbly. in a tall pretty glass. than I want a salad. the freshest veggies, cucumbers, peas, tomatoes, cheese, croutons, blue cheese. for my main course, chicken parmesan with lots of spicy tomato sauce. extra parm cheese on top. on the side cheese stuffed jalapeno bread. for dessert I want a four layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with strawberries and raspberry's.

think of a place at your home where you love the most. mine would be in my kitchen or in my bed room with fresh clean sheets with my boys. with clean counters I hate things on my counters with an empty sink. ( moving is not easy for me) I like to be surrounded by the people I love most. I love being at my grandmas house with my cousins and aunts. I love my aunts (my dads sisters) they are like two big sisters. I could easily tell them everything. when we move I want to build a house so bad. easier said than done. but I want a kitchen with space for a 15 person table. I want a big table that my boys and their friends can come sit at. where I can read and eat ha. where I will serve my babies breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You would think the living/sitting area would be the center of your home. but to me its my kitchen.

my last day spent I would want people I love. all my friends I would want to be on a lake in a cabin, with a swimming pool, bbqers, and lots of food and drinks. I mean all my friends.. people I don't talk to everyday or even once a year, my family, my children, my hubby, my cousins.
I defiantly want to be at peace, I don't want to be thinking of the people who did me wrong or caused me sorrow. I want to be thinking of something happy. I want to be with a clear clean mind.

think about it. live it. be it.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Weight smeight

Everybody wants to be healthy, look good in bikinis, wear short shorts. Good lord its a lot of work. 
{Getting pregnant takes forever} than you don't want to gain to much weight. 
Have baby.. Than breastfeed? Well you have to keep up your exercise and calories because something has to make that milk. 
So everything you do ha makes you fat!!! But I'm a foody I want chocolate cake or feta cheese! I like exercise. I love to sweat but it's time I don't have. What to do with the boys. Stuff like that. Ugh 
I love lifting weights and doing cardio. But I feel silly in the gym I defiantly prefer being in a class with other woman. So here's to my first weight loss challenge!! I paid $20 along with 100 other woman. Every week there will be a challenge and a certain amount of people will win. It's really cool. But here it goes! Tracking my calories.. Walking every night, doing some sort of cardio. Yay to shorty shorts and two piece swimming suits! And looking amazing naked 😂🙏🏼

Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July.

Isaiah 40:29
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. 
I have myself reading more scriptures and actually understanding them. We watch the movie Noah on Netflix. And after I had to reread genesis. It gives you a clear mind after reading. Well it does me. 
After all the hate going on in America my heart always feels heavy at night. I hate negativity when I'm ready for bed. I stay up all night thinking about what I could have done different. So to help my mind be at ease  I've stopped reading and watching negative post/videos on fb. I have unfollowed anyone who fits in that category. I've even stopped watching the news. Everybody has gone off the deep end. When people say they need Jesus it's not a sarcastic statement anymore it's factual. 
But on a positive fun note Collins is 10 months old. It's so bitter sweet. My baby is going to be one in two months. I'm of course already planning his birthday. I love birthdays!! We've had some pretty amazing birthday party's. Coopers first birthday was Curious George, his second was Happy Feet, third Rango, fourth Pirates, fifth Minecraft. 
After parades, coffee, swimming we finally had dinner Jalapeño cheddar burger.
               {Here's the link!!!} 
Also cut up a melon and two avocados plus a few walnuts, feta cheese, oil, salt pepper. Bam best freaking salad ever!!! 


Sunday, June 21, 2015

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Thursday, June 18, 2015


My We all want what's best for our children. We pick the decent bedtime. We make them eat well nourished balanced meals. We teach them not to talk to strangers. There are so many things they don't tell you that you have to do when you have kids. 
Cooper is sweet, he's outspoken, not patience at all, he gets nervous, he has his own schedule, he has his own way of doing things, he can play the crap out of zombies on Xbox, but has a hard time identifying numbers and letters. 
He loved well occasionally loved preschool. He went two years. The class had 12 kids. Kindergarten classes have close to 25 kids. I new there was no way Cooper could even be comfortable being around that many kids all day everyday. 
So than Garth got a job offer to move to Fort Collins. My first thought was school. And how moving away from his grandparents would already be enough stress. Than I thought private school. Small classss, expensive, volunteer work, good Christian kids! Perfect. Well then I googled private schools and I might need to sale a kidney to afford it. But to keep my baby safe and happy I would do it. 4,500 a year. Or 7,500 a year. I'll decide soon!! 


Monday, June 1, 2015

Collins update

9 new things about Seamus. Because in 3 days he's going to be 9 months! 

1) he's standing for a few seconds alone. 
2) he says mama and dada 
3) he loves to clap and scream 
4) he's a foodie. Loves his baby lunches which consist of mini ham, shredded cheese, and crackers. We'll be adding peas, sweet potatoe fries, and beans. 
5) he's a snuggler. And still sleeps on me for naps and with us for bedtime. 
6) he's getting use to other people and will be staying with grandma for a hour tomorrow. 
7) he thinks everything Cooper does is hilarious. 
8) still nursing and loves it 
9) he's in 12 month clothes 


And Whoop! It was a awesome weekend. 
My cousin and I drove to Orem to watch our other cousin graduate from high school! 
It was short and sweet and we left. 
Saturday we spent at home hanging out. Garth n I watched American Horror Story season 1 and Collins and Cooper made tons of messes. 
We decided we are moving! It's always been the plan but when and where were the issue. We our moving out of our house in July and moving in with my grandparents. Save lots of money! Than it'll be easier to move. Texas is our new destination. Close to beach! Uhh yes. 

Finally put my new bed in sooo happy we have tons of room now. Plus I was ready for something new. We've had our old bed for 8 years. It was huge and heavy. This one is sweet and simple. 

Products I'm in love with. 
Younuqie I'm sure you have seen it all over Facebook the famous 3D mascara. It's the company that makes that. They have a face primer Glorius Holy Moses it feels like silk on your face. It's so awesome. 
Also on Facebook you have seen the advertisement for Dollar Shave club? Ok I signed Garth up for that and he gets new razors every month. But I also orders him shave cream. I ran out and needed some so I used his on my legs,arms, armpits,everywhere. Uhhhhmazing. Seriously best stuff I've ever used. Way better than anything I've been buying here's the link and a picture 

So Garths best friend told Garth how much he loved Fifty Shades of Grey. Don't worry I have not watched it nor will i. With the book not only was it repeatitive but also poorly written. It was mediocre it was something you had to read you were genuinely interested. He says his sex life has changed since then. I do not have to imagine my husband as a billionaire sex denom to be turned in. I don't need some soft porn to help me! End rant

Friday, April 24, 2015

It's Friday

The wee one is trying to walk!!!
collins. if you didn't know. He's standing up and trying to walk around the couch.
not going to happen!! he's supposed to stay little forever.
Cooper hates school. Ugh already. 
postitive note though I got this app igotta or ibotta ha i can't remember you get money back for purchases. so like using  a coupon but not so annoying and time consuming. 
You look on the app before going to the store and see what you can buy and get money back on. Cool thing is you can get any brand bread, milk, veggies, fruits. it's not just one brand. To try it out I went to walgreens and bought a Food network Magazine and got 1.50 back haha not much but it was so fun. Also you can get money back from online stores as well. 
IF you want to make some money not real fast but don't want to have a yard sale. Ebay and KSL. I have put my bed, dresser, cloth diapers, baby stuff, my shirts. Than I print off the shipping label and have keep a stack of shipping envelopes at my house. super easy. you can get on and have them pick it up at your house. or you drop it off in the blue box. 
Also i tried Cheeseburger Soup for the first time tonight. delicious.
here is the link. (skipped the carrots.) 
Sunday we are doing brunch at my grandmas i'm going to try.. mango coconut topping on cheesecakes. & chunky mango gaucamole. pics and recepies coming soon. 
haha mommas sweet boy 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

saturday comes after friday

We love Saturday nights at our house. Garth is usually home. we get to watch the movies we've been saving all week. BIg Hero 6 (sign up for the Disney Movie Club). We usually get Cafe Rio for some reason haha but tonight we did crepes. or my grandpa called them roll ups growing up. heres the reciepe. 
we messed the first two up and they were still amazing to eat. even picky butt cooper ate two. with nutella of course. i made the filling in the receipe and it was amazing as well, i put chopped strawberrys in it. 

so ive been watching shark tank its on hulu. There are some really cool things on there. Luminaid is one im going to use in my chirstmas boxes i do for the samaratians purse. I bought neatcheeks. pipcorn (mini popcorn with flavors) my grandma will love it. But neetcheaks I am so amazed by these. They have a IG account and a website. I paid 18.00 for 6 packs. they are flavored stevia face wipes for kids. My boys get so dirty somehow even after we leave the house in the car. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

one more..

well i just read Wild and it was awesome. The movie wasn't as good but it was still really good. Reese Witherspoon amazing!! I love the whole concept of walking over a 1000 miles to prove to yourself you are not a POS. I told Garth I wanted to do the ACT it's from like New Hampshire to Maine yeah that may of been totally wrong but haha it's not in the desert. 

Collins had his first Easter. It was so much fun. We went on a picnic with the family. 
Cooper had so much fun in the dirt all day. He got so tan. 
Collins played in his walker and took a nap.
Seeing Cooper on Easter is the best thing ever he gets so excited. He loves looking for eggs. 
Collins is turning into a daddys boy. He had so much fun on his fourwheeler ride.
the Easter bunny brought Cooper a playhouse by little tikes. He doesnt love it i thought he would so we decided to make his wishes come true and buy him a motorcycle! 
I found one on KSL garth drove to Morgan and got it. He loves it. I was so nervous. Cooper is so small he's only 29lbs. but I couldn't let that take him away from getting something he's always wanted. We put some trainers on him and off he went. He was fast. Scared me to death. He wanted to go over all the jumps. He than crashed when his training wheel hit the sidewalk ugh. I than spent $306 on a helmet, pants, shirt, chest protector, kneck brace, gloves. haha he's ready to ride like a demon!! 

it has been forever

well let's see..

Collins my sweet baby is now 7 months.
he crawls, he jabbers, he sits up, he eats food, he just fell over haha oh and he sticks everything in his mouth. 
where does times go?? im glad he is learning new things because i can't wrap my mind around him being so big!! 
Cooper is going to Kindergarten in September. ugh haha i will soon be a old woman. 
On a side note... i'm tired of all these blogs and articles about woman who choose their kids over their husbands, like in what world is that wrong?? I had these babies I grew them in me for 9 months. I love my husband very much. I've been his girl for almost 10 years! but to say i would choose him over my boys... thats obsurd. okay momma and daddy time (sex) has been put on the back burner times before. but I still feel the same love i had for him when i was 15. i get butterflys when i see him come home. I don't see us growing apart because I let my boys sleep with us. I don't see us divorcing because we don't have sex 7 time a week. I see us growing old together and I see us taking trips together when our boys go to college. I see us alone in our house when we have no more kids in the house. we just have 18 years or maybe more (stay at home sons) to get threw to rasie our boys right. Everything takes time. Now lets quit acting like marriage is so hard that living with someone is so hard. Put your anger and your comments on paper or take it to a friend. Not everything has to be a challenge. 
My grandparents have been together for 54 years. My grandpa is a pain in the ass, he's judgemental, he's rude, makes awful comments about people, but my grandma stayed with him. There were times she said that she should have left him but she made a vow in front of God. and she's sticking with it. 
So speak up tell your spouse about your problems. Tell him or her about your feelings. Tell them that something they did hurt your feelings. How are they supposed to know if you dont say anything. 
hahah that is as good as it gets for pics.