Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Being a parent is...

Getting those HUGE annoying car carts.
Quoting find nemo allll day {duuude}.
Picking up toys with your toes.
Buying a water gun every time you go to the store even when you don't want to. {Just to avoid screaming child}
No memory on your phone due to zombie games.
Listening to kid bops because your child has learned swear words :/.
Giving up your kindle so he can watch YouTube.
Buying him his own kindle but he breaks it.
Taking all your picture frames down because he's broke all the glass out of them.
No longer having a clean house or car.
Sharing your ice cream.
Buying happy meals because he wants one and falls asleep before eating it.
Never getting to watch grown up shows again!
Hanging up colorful pictures all over the fridge.
Being told your "cute mom" by a four year old.
Or when they tell you "ew you stink"
Buying hundreds of dollars worth of school clothes for your preschooler.
Sleeping with stuffed animals.
Playing minecraft for the 799th time in a day.
Having to buy new shave cream every week because he says "it smells good".
Bathing with him every night {It will be so FUN to get them both in there}.
{But oh I love having naughty children around. I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!}

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