Tuesday, August 29, 2017

He is mine.

we love our spouses.
or sometimes we don't but only for a short while.
while we figure out what we don't love about them we only figure out why we love them that much more.
I married Garth when I was 17.
Think what you were doing at 17?
I see people at 17 and think NO WAY. please don't get married you can not grasp that kind of affection.  
It was hard. I don't think I new exactly what I was doing. I don't think that I understood what it meant to LOVE someone like that.
I'm 26 now and we will have our 9th wedding anniversary in October.
everyday is a struggle with something.
kids, pets, house issues, family drama, friends
but I never struggle with how much I care about garth.
I know he will always be there. I've never doubted his loyalty.
he is a great friend, to those who have talked behind his back and to those who have done him wrong. he never says anything bad or mean about anyone.
so,, in honor of loving our spouse here are a few verses to pray over your husband. try for 3 or even 30 days not to say anything negative about your spouse.

  1. Ephesians 4:1-2
  2. Ephesians 5:25-29
  3. Proverbs 22:29
  4. Psalm 46:11
  5. Jeremiah 29:11
P.S don't think I'm perfect because I am in no way. I sometimes catch myself judging others and I know its wrong. that I don't always follow our savior. but I feel like maybe I can help others who are like me that aren't perfect either. if you find yourself in a situation where you would like to discuss anything I'm always up for a friendly conversation. about anything really :)

its a craaaazy world out there.

well. my baby is almost one, my second baby he is almost three.
I'm a big birthday person. I love birthdays, when I was younger I would have these really outrageous birthdays. I actually still like my birthday. I'm not a person who hates to get older. I actually like the thought of getting old. what if my 30's are better than my 20's. early 20's for me were ugh stressful. I'm so much more than I use to be. I understand more, I listen more, I fall out of subject more.
RUAIRI LINEA her birthday theme is....
our pumpkin is turning one.
adorable TuTu from here. ps: best price I have ever seen.

I'm so happy to support Small Business Mamas. I can now buy things here in town without shipping and half the price. Leggings, headbands a plenty, onesies, shirts etc... I'm loving it.
Natasha Huber is my photo girl. she has an eye for literally everything. all my crazy ideas she just goes with it. she has done all of ruairi's pics since she was a newborn.
natashahuberphotography that's her IG name. thank me later.

Collins turning three and I'm excited he is going to start preschool. hopefully bringing out that little personality I know he has but hides. He is no doubt outgoing but he shys away a lot. He is now talking which is GREAT! not that I didn't love his own made up words and pointing.
his love for dinosaurs and toy reviews on youtube are unreal. YES, I'm that mom who lets her kids watch T.V. and YouTube reviews. Not ashamed.
here is a link to an outrageous family who puts all our families to shame (just kidding) but their trips are pretty great.

some things this mama loves:
A) Mac and Mia clothes box. their customer service is out of this world amazing. I wasn't home when my shipment came and you get five days to try the stuff on and send it back in a prepaid bag, and I wasn't going to be able to send it in that time frame and they totally extended my days.
B) Ozark on Netflix
C)The Office on Netflix ( former Parks and Rec lovers your will see a few of our loves)
D) not having FB its still so great. Because on the DL I don't care what you have to say I just care about those pictures.
E) Young Living oils here is my Member Number 12282035
F) kidizen App for used and new clothes. sometimes I really want a million outfits for Rua and I'm like ok I cant spend that much I get on there and som mamas are so good about their prices.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

she is sugar and spice and everything nice.

A Girl.
I was so scared to have three kids. We were living at my grandparents house because Garth was working in Texas. We did a lot of planning to move because I thought we would all move there while I was pregnant. Everything kept falling out of place. Every house I found something went wrong. The neighborhood was in a flood zone. There was a sex offender too close. OK! I was done. I had to stay in Utah. My hormones were crazy and I was in the worst mood of my life. I felt so weird and unhappy. Especially when I had to go to my ultrasound alone to find out what the baby was. So, I had the tech put the picture in a envelope and I was going to FaceTime Garth when he got home from work. I was already certain it was boy. We opened it together and it was a girl. A Girl. what in the world was I going to do with a girl. I was not happy. I felt bad all the time.

The Love Of My Life.
I was induced on a Tuesday night at 9. (like my previous baby before, stubborn) I had her on Thursday morning. but I felt like it was different and faster even though it was the same amount of time. Pushing was easier she was ready to come. We couldn't wait for her to come. Those big dark eyes staring back at us. Her sweet tiny cry. She was literally perfect. I was getting my tubes tied the next morning. I was a little scared. I just had our Girl. and I had to leave her to go get surgery. I had to be put under and it was only suppose to be a couple of hours but I guess I didn't wake up from anesethia until much later. { I do suggest tubal ligation after you are sure you are done with babies}We lots of visitors and this time around I didn't mind people coming and seeing her. With Collins I didn't want anyone to hold him or visit us. With Ruairi I wanted people to see her. Hold her. Visit us. Fuss over her.

Next Few Days At Home.
She was calm. She drank a bottle just fine. She was happy. I decided not to breastfeed her because I had just stopped breastfeeding Collins right before she was born. {22 months} it wasn't cheap but it helped so much. Three kids is a lot I did have a lot of help but it was still easier. so if you don't breastfeed don't feel bad. She is 9 months and she is so smart and has only been sick once. I see no difference in breastmilk and formula fed babies.

Nine Months Later.
don't worry she is literally clawing at the computer as I type this. She loves to help. she stands up against anything that will hold her. she talks and talks her favorite word MAMA. (yay) She loves to smile. which I love. smiling is the best accessory a girl can have. She eats anything and i mean anything. puppy food, paper, toys, baby food, goldfish crackers, cookies, ice cream, popsicles. And we gave her a sippy cup {win} she loves it. Collins went back and forth on a sippy cup. he still breastfed and had sippy/bottles. She sleeps in her own bed. {Collins did not ever do this and he still don't} She is so brave. She gets so excited when we see people she knows. She loves animals. Car rides are her favorite. She falls asleep every single time.

{ here is to 100 more years of raising a strong, independent, beautiful, happy girl.}

Monday, October 24, 2016

october: open my eyes: fear

here are some scriptures to study. for the month of October and over coming fear.
I have a journal that I write in everyday after I read the scripture in the bible and than my easy to read bible. having both is so much easier. I sometimes over read or don't quite understand. so the easy to read really helps.
24th- John 8:31-36
25th- 2 Corinthians 5:17-18
26th- Pslam 61:1-4
27th- Matthew 17:18-21
28th- Luke 4:17-18
29th-  Pslam 9:9-12
30th- lamentations 3:22-26
31st- 2 Corinthians 1:2-5


book- I loved the girl on the train. i missed the movie because the baby was to small.
Movie- criminal minds with zack galfanakis so FUNNY!
food- iced mocha from B&B
Tv Show- American housewives
places to shop- kidizen its an app for kids clothes.
what to wear- i really want a green jacket. more plaid. and a blanket scarf. on the hunt

Friday, September 30, 2016

scott family of five.

yes, that's us the family waiting to be called for their reservation with way more kids than adults. haha that's what my cousin told me anyway. (side eye)

I had a sweet baby girl September 14th. well technically she is both of ours but I had her. we named her...... Ruairi (roar-ree) Linea after my Grandmas Moms Mom. she is sweet as pie and only cries to remind me she is hungry. she is the new stage of only wanting me to hold her while she sleeps but I've been strong and making her go in her bassinet. And its so much fun to get her dressed. nobody wants their baby to get bigger but her older girl clothes are to die for!! her brothers are taking her to her very well. it was hit and miss the first day with Collins because he has been the baby.

A few of my faveorite baby items this go around are: Blooming bath flower tub. I got mine from Kidizen its a app where people sale used or new baby things. I scored mine for $18 they are usually around $30. she loves it ive been putting her in the bathroom sink its a little crowded but she loves it she hasn't fussed yet.

Dr. browns bottles pink of course. we were using the ready to feed bottles and nipples but we needed to use our poweder formula so we switched her and she took right to them.

Milk Snob carseat cover. it stretches out over the carseat and has a hole on top where you can see baby as little and as much as you want.

Nylon and felt bows from Etsy. oh my heck I am in love they are so soft and cheap.

Dr. browns formula pitcher. you can make a pitcher of formula and keep it in the fridge and heat it as you go

the first years bottle warmer and cooler. simple and easy to use and heats fast. has a cooler on the back to keep bottles so you don't have to keep running to the fridge or sink.

Kidizen and Tot Spot. they are both apps. and they both are used and new clothes and everything kid and baby. the amount of baby gap clothes I have scored on there. yahoo!

this little peanut also turned 2 right before baby was born.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Diaper bag whore

The title is real. I love diaper bags. When I had Cooper 6 years ago (19) I thought for days about getting a juicy couture diaper bag. Than when I saw they were $200 I'm like no I'm too poor. Sad face! So I got I thirty-one bag like a tote open top with his name on it. Ok! So Unpractical haha. I lost everything! Well 2014 my sweet baby Seamus was born and I had gone to a cousins baby shower before I new I was pregnant. And she got a petunia pickle bottom boxy backpack omg that thing was amazing and cute!
It had two straps so you could wear it as a backpack. Handy as fuh! Because those straps always fall off your shoulder. It was square, nice fabric easy to clean. I switched only because it had no pockets well 4 small ones inside. Two bottles a place for the changing mat, and two for diapers and wipes. 
Than I saw on a cloth diaper exchange a jujube. Same thing backpack style, shorter, zipper pockets, many more. But it was pink cheap but pink. So I switched to a Vera Bradley convertible. I have it now, the backpack strap is rough not comfortable at all so I one shoulder strap it. It's cute has many functional pockets. But!!! I saw on Pinterest the cutest striped bag! Shoulder strap or arm, stroller straps, inside was magical! Click. Kate spade Stevie awwww it was beautiful but $350 blah. So I threw my dream away until... I remembered poshmark. And score for $75 all black. So excited to get it! 
Here is a picture of them all exact colors. Although the blue and black was pink. Don't buy them full price. eBay, poshmark, yard sales. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

We are groovy

Life has been so weird. 
Garth went to Oklahoma in September and is now on his way home.. For Good! 
It was a bust, oil field is dragging whatevs
So,, he's in Texas finding a new job! He's such a hard worker he hates to sit around. I tried convincing him to do unemployment 😂 he was not having it! 
We are super close i feel like this is the most close we have ever been. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Oh how that's true! I miss him like crazy. I was watching some tv show on Hulu and the husband and wife are getting their kids ready for vacation and i got so weepy. Hahaha
I was just like "uh what's wrong with me"
He'll be home soon and than hopefully we will be moving to where he found his job. 
Than we will be celebrating our very special baby boys 6th birthday! 😢 
Last year he had a great birthday. Huge minecraft party. But this year I think I'll rent the theatre and invite his friends from school. Grandmas house is just to crazy. And small. He wants a stampy cat cake it's a cat man from minecraft. The boy loves cats and minecraft. His new thing is paw patrol. His favorite music is 21 pilots. 
He loves cheese rolls and mini eggo chocolate chip pancakes. He's getting better at being patient with Collins. He's catching on to things at school, which he loves!! I love hearing his story's from his grand adventure at school. So much fun!!
Ok check this stud out! He's 1 going on 15. He's crazy smart! And such a little beast. He does everything and anything naughty. He has this high pitched scream he does under his paci. It's hilarious!!! He's such a blessing to our family, he makes everyone smile. I can't help but kiss those baby cheeks every damn day