Sunday, May 18, 2014

post it.

I'm blogging way to much..
Said no-one ever!!
Sunday fun day! Cooper n I hanging out with the A.C. on :) 
I found this on another blog and had to do it! 

Making : memories with my four year old.
Cooking : ha nothing it's lunch at grandma's kind of day.
Drinking : water water water until my pee is clear.
Reading:  living duggar (by the four oldest Duggar girls)
Wanting: Ben & jerrys annd for this baby to be full term.
Looking: at Cooper climb all the bed with 50 guns.
Playing: the part of wonderful mom and wife ;)
Wasting: almost everything in my kitchen (foods gross to me)
Sewing: not a thing.
Wishing: my husband would get home.
Enjoying: the a.c.
Waiting: for our Disneyland trip next week
Liking: maternity shorts and sports bras
Wondering: what this baby will look like.
Loving: my family!! Grandparents, cousins, husband, my boys.
Hoping: that I can shed this baby weight fast
Marvelling:  how great I feel being pregnant
Needing: caffeine. White chocolate mocha frap
Smelling: lotion
Wearing: tank top and gym shorts
Following: the cutest Texas chick on IG
Noticing: how dirty my floors are :/
Knowing: that I'm ready for baby 2!!
Thinking: about everything! Always.
Feeling: hopeful, happy, loved
Bookmarking: pages on my kindle
Opening: a new chapter in out family
Giggling: Cooper watches stupid mine craft videos on YouTube
Feeling: excited for our trip and for my friend Hilary to get married.

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