Wednesday, August 13, 2014

10 things.

1) I love my kindle unlimited $9.99 a month. I cancelled prime for this.

2) Merle Norman it's in the strip by Kmart.
Their jewelry is sooo CUTE!

3) gel polish from walgreens

4) walgreens I spend so much money there.

5) frozen hot chocolate from deja brew.

6) feeling these aggressive baby jabs.

7) Cooper school clothes. I loved the already made outfits.

8) maxi skirts. Jeans are sooo uncomfortable now. And I don't want to wear jammies because one it's too hot and two they just don't look that cute.

9) staying home. Being lazy! NO vitamin d for us.

10) I haven't cooked in forever actually something that was good. But we're right in the middle of moving and I'm not buying groceries.
:) xoxo

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