Friday, September 30, 2016

scott family of five.

yes, that's us the family waiting to be called for their reservation with way more kids than adults. haha that's what my cousin told me anyway. (side eye)

I had a sweet baby girl September 14th. well technically she is both of ours but I had her. we named her...... Ruairi (roar-ree) Linea after my Grandmas Moms Mom. she is sweet as pie and only cries to remind me she is hungry. she is the new stage of only wanting me to hold her while she sleeps but I've been strong and making her go in her bassinet. And its so much fun to get her dressed. nobody wants their baby to get bigger but her older girl clothes are to die for!! her brothers are taking her to her very well. it was hit and miss the first day with Collins because he has been the baby.

A few of my faveorite baby items this go around are: Blooming bath flower tub. I got mine from Kidizen its a app where people sale used or new baby things. I scored mine for $18 they are usually around $30. she loves it ive been putting her in the bathroom sink its a little crowded but she loves it she hasn't fussed yet.

Dr. browns bottles pink of course. we were using the ready to feed bottles and nipples but we needed to use our poweder formula so we switched her and she took right to them.

Milk Snob carseat cover. it stretches out over the carseat and has a hole on top where you can see baby as little and as much as you want.

Nylon and felt bows from Etsy. oh my heck I am in love they are so soft and cheap.

Dr. browns formula pitcher. you can make a pitcher of formula and keep it in the fridge and heat it as you go

the first years bottle warmer and cooler. simple and easy to use and heats fast. has a cooler on the back to keep bottles so you don't have to keep running to the fridge or sink.

Kidizen and Tot Spot. they are both apps. and they both are used and new clothes and everything kid and baby. the amount of baby gap clothes I have scored on there. yahoo!

this little peanut also turned 2 right before baby was born.