Sunday, July 12, 2015

your last day

IF today was your last day...
What would you want your last meal to be??
Who would you want to be spending it with?
Where would you want to be?
I find myself pondering the everyday struggles. Either good or bad. I worry about what might happen to garth while he's at work. Or what would happen if I was held at gun point. Of course I am the hero and totally kick the persons ass. I just finished a book The Rabbit Back Literature  Society. its one of my new favorites. and the ending has you thinking about the whole book. Every small detail. I like to always think about what ifs. My cousin and I use to play this game with all my neighbors. If they had a new car in their driveway for example we would think of scenarios of why that new car was there. like the wife had a secret lover or the husband was really a drug dealer. super funny!!!
so my last meal.. you have to think long and hard. its your last meal. you think at first oh juicy hamburger with cheese. ok but what kind of hamburger?? kangaroo, buffalo, beef. Than your bun hogey, regular old bun, onion. Cheese ohh American cheese, munster, gouda, pepper jack, mozz. see haha its a lot to think about. than do you want toppings.

but no that wouldn't be my last.

 I want calamari and cheese sticks for an appetizer. than ice cold champagne. ohhhh the bubbly. in a tall pretty glass. than I want a salad. the freshest veggies, cucumbers, peas, tomatoes, cheese, croutons, blue cheese. for my main course, chicken parmesan with lots of spicy tomato sauce. extra parm cheese on top. on the side cheese stuffed jalapeno bread. for dessert I want a four layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with strawberries and raspberry's.

think of a place at your home where you love the most. mine would be in my kitchen or in my bed room with fresh clean sheets with my boys. with clean counters I hate things on my counters with an empty sink. ( moving is not easy for me) I like to be surrounded by the people I love most. I love being at my grandmas house with my cousins and aunts. I love my aunts (my dads sisters) they are like two big sisters. I could easily tell them everything. when we move I want to build a house so bad. easier said than done. but I want a kitchen with space for a 15 person table. I want a big table that my boys and their friends can come sit at. where I can read and eat ha. where I will serve my babies breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You would think the living/sitting area would be the center of your home. but to me its my kitchen.

my last day spent I would want people I love. all my friends I would want to be on a lake in a cabin, with a swimming pool, bbqers, and lots of food and drinks. I mean all my friends.. people I don't talk to everyday or even once a year, my family, my children, my hubby, my cousins.
I defiantly want to be at peace, I don't want to be thinking of the people who did me wrong or caused me sorrow. I want to be thinking of something happy. I want to be with a clear clean mind.

think about it. live it. be it.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Weight smeight

Everybody wants to be healthy, look good in bikinis, wear short shorts. Good lord its a lot of work. 
{Getting pregnant takes forever} than you don't want to gain to much weight. 
Have baby.. Than breastfeed? Well you have to keep up your exercise and calories because something has to make that milk. 
So everything you do ha makes you fat!!! But I'm a foody I want chocolate cake or feta cheese! I like exercise. I love to sweat but it's time I don't have. What to do with the boys. Stuff like that. Ugh 
I love lifting weights and doing cardio. But I feel silly in the gym I defiantly prefer being in a class with other woman. So here's to my first weight loss challenge!! I paid $20 along with 100 other woman. Every week there will be a challenge and a certain amount of people will win. It's really cool. But here it goes! Tracking my calories.. Walking every night, doing some sort of cardio. Yay to shorty shorts and two piece swimming suits! And looking amazing naked 😂🙏🏼

Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July.

Isaiah 40:29
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. 
I have myself reading more scriptures and actually understanding them. We watch the movie Noah on Netflix. And after I had to reread genesis. It gives you a clear mind after reading. Well it does me. 
After all the hate going on in America my heart always feels heavy at night. I hate negativity when I'm ready for bed. I stay up all night thinking about what I could have done different. So to help my mind be at ease  I've stopped reading and watching negative post/videos on fb. I have unfollowed anyone who fits in that category. I've even stopped watching the news. Everybody has gone off the deep end. When people say they need Jesus it's not a sarcastic statement anymore it's factual. 
But on a positive fun note Collins is 10 months old. It's so bitter sweet. My baby is going to be one in two months. I'm of course already planning his birthday. I love birthdays!! We've had some pretty amazing birthday party's. Coopers first birthday was Curious George, his second was Happy Feet, third Rango, fourth Pirates, fifth Minecraft. 
After parades, coffee, swimming we finally had dinner Jalapeño cheddar burger.
               {Here's the link!!!} 
Also cut up a melon and two avocados plus a few walnuts, feta cheese, oil, salt pepper. Bam best freaking salad ever!!!