Saturday, January 16, 2016

We are groovy

Life has been so weird. 
Garth went to Oklahoma in September and is now on his way home.. For Good! 
It was a bust, oil field is dragging whatevs
So,, he's in Texas finding a new job! He's such a hard worker he hates to sit around. I tried convincing him to do unemployment 😂 he was not having it! 
We are super close i feel like this is the most close we have ever been. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Oh how that's true! I miss him like crazy. I was watching some tv show on Hulu and the husband and wife are getting their kids ready for vacation and i got so weepy. Hahaha
I was just like "uh what's wrong with me"
He'll be home soon and than hopefully we will be moving to where he found his job. 
Than we will be celebrating our very special baby boys 6th birthday! 😢 
Last year he had a great birthday. Huge minecraft party. But this year I think I'll rent the theatre and invite his friends from school. Grandmas house is just to crazy. And small. He wants a stampy cat cake it's a cat man from minecraft. The boy loves cats and minecraft. His new thing is paw patrol. His favorite music is 21 pilots. 
He loves cheese rolls and mini eggo chocolate chip pancakes. He's getting better at being patient with Collins. He's catching on to things at school, which he loves!! I love hearing his story's from his grand adventure at school. So much fun!!
Ok check this stud out! He's 1 going on 15. He's crazy smart! And such a little beast. He does everything and anything naughty. He has this high pitched scream he does under his paci. It's hilarious!!! He's such a blessing to our family, he makes everyone smile. I can't help but kiss those baby cheeks every damn day 

Friday, January 1, 2016

vacay part 2

Disneyworld is so awesome. we learned a few things for when we go again. but it was really magical. we did Harry Potter world on Christmas. where I got YES a wand. Bellatrix Lastrange wand to be exact. Chocolate frogs and love potion.

There are a few things we didn't know about in advanced like the magic bands you use they are not like a debit card they are charging everything to your room and than at the end of your stay they take it all out at once. uhhh so we never kept tracked of what we spent because we figured it was just withdrawing from our account! we didn't go negative or not have enough we had saved over 4,000 so we could relax on this vacation without worrying about money. it was just a shock to see that in a week we had spent $914 in three parks. which was ok haha.

Pinterest was a bust I got all my info from there and yeah it sucked!!! no joke. I read on multi pages that it would rain and be freezing at night. well I checked the weather and there was chance of rain and lots of fog. so I packed one pair of shorts and the rest pants and one dress. BUST it was HOT HOT HOT. I loved our resort the Port Orleans Riverside. beautiful and covered in trees and swamps. its awesome. the housekeeping was amazing with all our messes. the only thing there was no microwave but in the lobby a 5 min walk from our room was a buffet type deal where you pick what you want from many windows. so that wasn't to bad but that got expensive. The taxi rides were expensive to. like $40 one way. we only needed one to Universal Studios but it was $80 and you need two days at universal one day is not enough.

On Christmas night we went to Disney Springs its a open to the public place with shopping and restaurants. its a bus or boat ride to your hotels. not like in Disney Land where its connected to Disney. But it had some way cute stores. We bought a buzz and woody from the toy store. Chocolate from Ghriedelli. Ate dinner at the TREX. the inside is loud and dark every so often the dinosaurs go off and growl. there is a ice age, volcano, and a aquarium. really neat. well garth had took Collins out so I could pay and when Coop and I were walking out people were screaming and running and crowding in I couldn't figure out what was going on. So I kept walking and Garth called me in such a panic he kept saying are you ok? where are you? I was like uh at the restaurant duh. He said that someone came running into the lego store saying there was a shooter and that everyone had to take cover in a back room. Here I am walking around I had no idea. so we met up and everyone was so scared that everyone started leaving. so the boats took off and we had to catch the bus. than cops and a helicopter came, after we got to our room we read about how it was a drunk fight and the guy had said I will shoot you. so they were arrested. It was like the dream you have but never thinking of it coming true. it was so scary after my adrenaline went down. My family could have actually been in a mass shooting. So we decided to have a day in the hotel and not leave our resort. plus you need one of those days anyway, just to relax and go swim and do laundry. yes do laundry hahaha it saves you lots of stress when you get home.

So yes go to Disneyworld its so amazing. Yes go to Universal Studios and spend all your money at harry potter world. relax and have a good time.