Monday, June 16, 2014

31 week's :)

Wow it feels amazing to be this far along.
I have learned a lot about myself.
And how blessed I am to be able to carry another life to this crazy World.
Sappy stuff over....
Pregnancy Brain! I'm here to say it's a real freaking thing. I forget everything! I have garbage sacks like three in my kitchen because my cans full.
I can't keep track of time. Cooper n I will be playing {sleeping} and Garth walks in the door. Tired and starving :/ and guess who forgot dinner again.
Plus everything looks so gross. I dread doing dishes because the smell about kills me. All food entirely looks sickening. Even when we go out.. I look at the menu and get all mad and want to leave.
Third trimester= fatigue again. Cooper has been such a good boy. He'll either sleep in with me or watch YouTube. He even has mastered getting his own chocolate milk. Haha poor boy :(
My fiber intake needs to triple. I need to remember to take those Damn prenatal. Before the baby has a pin head.
Late at night when my heartburn comes creeping along eBay is my resort. I have gotten so many cheap CUTE thing's. I scored a $200 baby monitor for $60. Cloth diapers {of course} and Cooper some super cute Hurley shirts. I'm so glad Garth isn't the type to get on our bank account and track everything. He just doesn't care. Haha
But that's about it. I'm so excited for the rest of summer. :))

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer '14

Feels like forever since I've wrote anything.
I usually blog when my hubby is out of town for work.
1. Itty bitty ball started. It's for 3_5 yr olds at the rec center, Tuesday & Thursday. They learn soccer, basketball, baseball, and I think tennis.
2. We went to my cousins special Olympics in Harriman. After he had a party at boondocks. Cooper and Garth had so much fun! 23.00 got us 100 tokens and a bag full of goodies.
3. Season four of PLL started.
4. I'm almost done with scandal. Talk about intense!!! And slimy just my thing.
5. Next month coop n I are doing a mom and me cooking class.
6. We are all done shopping for Collins, he still needs a middle name.
       And that is it so far!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Books for summer

Summer... Is made for lots of reading
   I love reading!!
Especially on my kindle outside.
I defiantly recommend....
1. Flowers in the attic (series) there are some that don't go with that certain book. But the author had wrote!
2. 12 years a slave. (So sad) hormones May be?
3. The fault in our stars. (Effing sad & funny)
4. Any of the three books written by the duggar family.
5. Miss. Peregins home for peculiar children.
6. Serena
Books I want to read before summer is over that are or going to be motion picture ( hahaha)
Labor day
A long way down ( will be starring Jesse pinkman)
Dark places
Gone girl

Thursday, June 5, 2014


(Here we are on the little mermiad ride)
Disneyland... Here I stressed about this
Making sure we didn't get ripped off. 
Making sure we had everything. 
How Cooper would do on the road. 
Would I get sick? 
Could Garth give me my progesterone shot? 

But after spending a couple weeks on..
YES pinterest. 
I thought I had a good idea 
What to expect.
That was a freaking joke!! 
Everything they suggested 
Was so stupid. 
Besides taking a stroller,
Freezing water bottles and putting them
Under your stroller. 
You cannot take a cooler
You don't use morning magic
(Your way too tired)
Eating in the park is not expensive. 
You do not want the stores to send your 
Souvenirs to your room. 

(They arrive the next day)
Cooper wanted to play with those toys NOW!
There's actually not a better time to go
I mean excluding Christmas 
We went on memorial day 
This calendar of best times to go 
Said memorial was packed 
Well maybe that weekend
But not that day!!!
We rode every ride 
We could or wanted too. 
My advice! 
Go for more than two days
(We stayed 5) 
Stay in a park hotel
Buy things for your kids 
Wait in the character lines
Keep calm! 
Water lots of it!!! 


I'm so overly excited about being 30 week's. 
Not just because I have 10 week's left
I've never been this far along before. 
It's really quite exciting for myself and family
Now pregnancy the first go around 
Was..... Not the best. 
I bled, had eczema, than had Cooper so early. 
This time I get these little 
But magic shots. 
I feel so great! :) 
I don't even mind having dozens of 
Stretch marks. 
HUGE uncontrollable boobs. 
As long as I can go full term! 
Hell I'll even go longer if it he insists. 
This sweet little miracle.
I'm almost to the point where I can't
Climb stairs, shave anything, and 
I have to pee every 
10 minutes. 
Up next being pregnant at Disneyland!!!!