Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas with kiddos

I'm It's fun, exciting, etc etc
But expensive as well... 
I really need to stop buying cooper "things" at the store during the year he might actually want something at Christmas time. Now that he's older and a big brother we are starting a new tradition of; want, need, wear, read. He wants every Xbox game in the world!! But so does his dad. He loves toys like action figures but only for like a week.. Or they lost. He loves guns!!! Like love love loves but he has 26 😣 it was rough this year. So for his want he got a Nerf zombie slayer cross bow {loves Darryl and walking dead} it looks real fun so I went ahead and bought my nephew one to! {NEED} he needs to leave my kindle alone haha so I got him a iPad mini 3. {Don't know what the 3 stands for but} cellular + wifi perfect for him he's obbssed with YouTube so now he can throw his cute little frog head phones and watch it in the car. Target I'm here to tell you get that app you will love looking and buying while your up at 12 am feeding your fat boy. {WEAR} he gets clothes all year so it's not like he's hurting and he doesn't demand clothes YET so I got him biz and woody pjs from target and than in the book orders this month they had gifts with books. So I bought him llama llama books so cute btw and an elf book with a elf. Ordered the cutest Santa sacks from IG with his name on it. One for Collins to. Collins also gets clothes all year and he can't demand anything yet. So he got mud pie jammies and a touch n feel book teething toys and a play mat 


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