Monday, June 16, 2014

31 week's :)

Wow it feels amazing to be this far along.
I have learned a lot about myself.
And how blessed I am to be able to carry another life to this crazy World.
Sappy stuff over....
Pregnancy Brain! I'm here to say it's a real freaking thing. I forget everything! I have garbage sacks like three in my kitchen because my cans full.
I can't keep track of time. Cooper n I will be playing {sleeping} and Garth walks in the door. Tired and starving :/ and guess who forgot dinner again.
Plus everything looks so gross. I dread doing dishes because the smell about kills me. All food entirely looks sickening. Even when we go out.. I look at the menu and get all mad and want to leave.
Third trimester= fatigue again. Cooper has been such a good boy. He'll either sleep in with me or watch YouTube. He even has mastered getting his own chocolate milk. Haha poor boy :(
My fiber intake needs to triple. I need to remember to take those Damn prenatal. Before the baby has a pin head.
Late at night when my heartburn comes creeping along eBay is my resort. I have gotten so many cheap CUTE thing's. I scored a $200 baby monitor for $60. Cloth diapers {of course} and Cooper some super cute Hurley shirts. I'm so glad Garth isn't the type to get on our bank account and track everything. He just doesn't care. Haha
But that's about it. I'm so excited for the rest of summer. :))

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