Wednesday, August 5, 2015


life has been... well... exciting. we've had family drama, reunion, shopping trips, a move..

we are currently in my Grandparents camper. we were renting and decided that buying our own home was something we wanted to do. we've rented the last 3 years since we sold our first home. ups and downs. lost lots of money. ugh. well now we are trying to decide if we should stay in vernal or move to Co. so that's the move part.

we went to West Jordan (we is my two cousins, myself, and the boys.) to visit my Aunt Kim. She took us to the Traverse Mountain Outlets in Lehi by Cabelas. Ok they outrank Tanger outlets in Park City by like 100% they are so amazing. Busy. Their Gap was huge I love the Gap. Its expensive but their kids clothes hold up so well. There is a Jcrew, Vans, American Eagle, All the good kids shops, H&M. I bought tons of stuff and didn't spend over $300.

My Grandma Brown sister has a cabin passed Duchense. So she had a family reunion with her kids and grandkids and my grandmas kids and grandkids. it was a lot of fun. they had raffles and drawings. smoked a lamb and a pig. salads everywhere. the best part was we got to sit on the porch and talk, make jokes, laugh. that cabin was b.e.a.uuuutiful (spell It out like jim carrey its better).

on a more serious note... my family has a drug addiction problem. some of us even suffer from alcohol abuse. Personal but my Mom has been a drug addict since I was born. she is almost 50 {48} so its been on and off for 24 years. She would be clean for 2 months and than be dirty. It has always been that way. And somehow along the way she had my aunt {her sister} and my oldest sister follow her. Their choice of drug was Crystal Meth. You've seen what someone looks like on Meth, my sister is a poster of that. So, drugs are something I don't take lightly. My cousin whom I love very dearly with all my heart, whom I consider my sister more than a cousin has fallen into the ces pool of Heroin. She did Drill Team and was a Cheerleader in High School. All it took was a low life piece of crap boy to drag her into it. She was kind of a trouble maker in High School, like staying out to late, being busted at party's. She got one consumption. But drugs. They are dirty. They make you steal and stink and make you ugly. They take your personality and throw it away. They take any shred of humanity you have and step on it. You are never the same. Even if you go to Rehab or Jail. You just meet more people who are like you. You learn better tricks. You are better off going to a morgue and picking out a burial plot. She has stolen over 5,000 from two sets of grandparents and a parent. That's not including the property she has stolen or the goods she has pawned. I feel like her being arrested and being sent to jail which will happen soon. Might be a wake up call. or maybe something to brag about and get attention from. she's also a narcissistic attention whore. she loves everybody to drop what they are doing and go to her rescue. She has made so many suicide attempts or more like the girl who cried wolf. It's heartbreaking. She has 5 younger siblings who are watching her go threw this. She's not alone. But I feel like most drug addicts act like they have no one. self centered. They will ruin a relationships with anyone. Steal from anyone. It's a sickness. There really is no cure. Even if you stay sober for 50+ years you still have that in the back of your mind. Like a ticking time bomb. I have seen some people go threw rehab, jail, and have absolutely nothing and come out and be a better person. one time. the other people they go back. they love the lifestyle. Being broken down, poor, hungry, homeless, beaten up, sick. Than I see the ones who can't make it out so they take their own life's. I understand that now.

We all have skeletons. Nobody's family is perfect. We shouldn't hide these people in our family's. We should try and help them. Not give them everything they want. Which is usually money. Give them a place to stay to sober up for the night. Most likely they will go out the next day and get high. Don't give them cash. Don't let them steal from you. Good Luck to whomever needs it.

POSITIVE my baby is 12 months in one month.

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