Friday, December 18, 2015

cray fish

My life has like literally been stressful.. I never complain, because there is someone out there who has I worse than me. but every once in awhile I can. I have the best friends in the world. my very best friend is 780 miles away from me. { Garth } I miss him so much. I live at my grandmas with my sweet handsome butthole sons. But there's just something about having your honey home with you every night. I miss him like crazy. But tomorrow he is coming home for two weeks and one week of that we are spending in FLORIDA. I couldn't think of a better memory and Christmas for two boys. plus I need to get some down time with my sexual.

so really it's been really crazy to plan this all. I am a planner though. I love it. I love to be in charge. so a week between Disneyworld, Universal studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Harry Potter world. I can do this. haha its the packing Im like struggling with. Garth has our suitcase in Oklahoma with him.


we need to move together. he's been in OK for like two months now. and I need him. haha ok so do his children. but like the wife needs him. So next will be finding a house. Renting of course. and do we need to take like everything some things. none things. I don't know.

I have been trying to keep  myself sane for two months. so if you ever need something to do:
1. watch Longmire on Netflix.
2. Plan a vacation.
3. Watch Jane the Virgin on Netflix than start season two on Hulu.
4. Read the lyrics to NWA songs so you can sing them in the car.
5. Clean your car.
6. Watch Gossip Girl on Netflix. its really cute.
7. Watch Awkward on Hulu. TEAM MATTY
8. im not going to say workout because ive done none of that.
9. I did take up a coffee habit. I go every morning after coops on the bus.
10. watch movies you wont finish on
11. Keep surprises for yourself. like I bought nail polish and decided to paint my nails one day.
12. take quizzes online

Collins is 15 months old. crazy right! he's 22lbs and talks talks. does dance a little. unwraps all the presents. loves the hot tub. yells at everyone. he is so friendly. loves his boob juice.

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