Monday, June 1, 2015

Collins update

9 new things about Seamus. Because in 3 days he's going to be 9 months! 

1) he's standing for a few seconds alone. 
2) he says mama and dada 
3) he loves to clap and scream 
4) he's a foodie. Loves his baby lunches which consist of mini ham, shredded cheese, and crackers. We'll be adding peas, sweet potatoe fries, and beans. 
5) he's a snuggler. And still sleeps on me for naps and with us for bedtime. 
6) he's getting use to other people and will be staying with grandma for a hour tomorrow. 
7) he thinks everything Cooper does is hilarious. 
8) still nursing and loves it 
9) he's in 12 month clothes 

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