Friday, April 17, 2015

it has been forever

well let's see..

Collins my sweet baby is now 7 months.
he crawls, he jabbers, he sits up, he eats food, he just fell over haha oh and he sticks everything in his mouth. 
where does times go?? im glad he is learning new things because i can't wrap my mind around him being so big!! 
Cooper is going to Kindergarten in September. ugh haha i will soon be a old woman. 
On a side note... i'm tired of all these blogs and articles about woman who choose their kids over their husbands, like in what world is that wrong?? I had these babies I grew them in me for 9 months. I love my husband very much. I've been his girl for almost 10 years! but to say i would choose him over my boys... thats obsurd. okay momma and daddy time (sex) has been put on the back burner times before. but I still feel the same love i had for him when i was 15. i get butterflys when i see him come home. I don't see us growing apart because I let my boys sleep with us. I don't see us divorcing because we don't have sex 7 time a week. I see us growing old together and I see us taking trips together when our boys go to college. I see us alone in our house when we have no more kids in the house. we just have 18 years or maybe more (stay at home sons) to get threw to rasie our boys right. Everything takes time. Now lets quit acting like marriage is so hard that living with someone is so hard. Put your anger and your comments on paper or take it to a friend. Not everything has to be a challenge. 
My grandparents have been together for 54 years. My grandpa is a pain in the ass, he's judgemental, he's rude, makes awful comments about people, but my grandma stayed with him. There were times she said that she should have left him but she made a vow in front of God. and she's sticking with it. 
So speak up tell your spouse about your problems. Tell him or her about your feelings. Tell them that something they did hurt your feelings. How are they supposed to know if you dont say anything. 
hahah that is as good as it gets for pics. 

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