Monday, June 1, 2015


And Whoop! It was a awesome weekend. 
My cousin and I drove to Orem to watch our other cousin graduate from high school! 
It was short and sweet and we left. 
Saturday we spent at home hanging out. Garth n I watched American Horror Story season 1 and Collins and Cooper made tons of messes. 
We decided we are moving! It's always been the plan but when and where were the issue. We our moving out of our house in July and moving in with my grandparents. Save lots of money! Than it'll be easier to move. Texas is our new destination. Close to beach! Uhh yes. 

Finally put my new bed in sooo happy we have tons of room now. Plus I was ready for something new. We've had our old bed for 8 years. It was huge and heavy. This one is sweet and simple. 

Products I'm in love with. 
Younuqie I'm sure you have seen it all over Facebook the famous 3D mascara. It's the company that makes that. They have a face primer Glorius Holy Moses it feels like silk on your face. It's so awesome. 
Also on Facebook you have seen the advertisement for Dollar Shave club? Ok I signed Garth up for that and he gets new razors every month. But I also orders him shave cream. I ran out and needed some so I used his on my legs,arms, armpits,everywhere. Uhhhhmazing. Seriously best stuff I've ever used. Way better than anything I've been buying here's the link and a picture 

So Garths best friend told Garth how much he loved Fifty Shades of Grey. Don't worry I have not watched it nor will i. With the book not only was it repeatitive but also poorly written. It was mediocre it was something you had to read you were genuinely interested. He says his sex life has changed since then. I do not have to imagine my husband as a billionaire sex denom to be turned in. I don't need some soft porn to help me! End rant

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