Sunday, August 9, 2015

My boys fight haha

My title is what is happening right now. haha my 11 month old and my 5 year old FIGHT!! haha they push each other, they are so hilarious. Well the little one does get hurt more than the big one.

End of the week. and nothing exciting happened. But some things I'm loving are:

1) mangos freezer dried.
2) Chipotle Rubbed Jerky.
3) Essie color Play Date
4) Just go with it and Whiplash are my go to movies
5) Friday Night Lights I have watched 5 seasons in 2 weeks. haha That Tim Riggins is a FREAKING babe. oh my word!!!!
6) I still love coopers Citrus Lane boxes he gets every month. they have the cutest stuff.
7) our little Chihuahua his name is Romeo. He's the sweetest little guy ever.
8) I am on the hunt for the Entertainment issue with Jax Tellar

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