Friday, April 17, 2015

one more..

well i just read Wild and it was awesome. The movie wasn't as good but it was still really good. Reese Witherspoon amazing!! I love the whole concept of walking over a 1000 miles to prove to yourself you are not a POS. I told Garth I wanted to do the ACT it's from like New Hampshire to Maine yeah that may of been totally wrong but haha it's not in the desert. 

Collins had his first Easter. It was so much fun. We went on a picnic with the family. 
Cooper had so much fun in the dirt all day. He got so tan. 
Collins played in his walker and took a nap.
Seeing Cooper on Easter is the best thing ever he gets so excited. He loves looking for eggs. 
Collins is turning into a daddys boy. He had so much fun on his fourwheeler ride.
the Easter bunny brought Cooper a playhouse by little tikes. He doesnt love it i thought he would so we decided to make his wishes come true and buy him a motorcycle! 
I found one on KSL garth drove to Morgan and got it. He loves it. I was so nervous. Cooper is so small he's only 29lbs. but I couldn't let that take him away from getting something he's always wanted. We put some trainers on him and off he went. He was fast. Scared me to death. He wanted to go over all the jumps. He than crashed when his training wheel hit the sidewalk ugh. I than spent $306 on a helmet, pants, shirt, chest protector, kneck brace, gloves. haha he's ready to ride like a demon!! 

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