Sunday, April 19, 2015

saturday comes after friday

We love Saturday nights at our house. Garth is usually home. we get to watch the movies we've been saving all week. BIg Hero 6 (sign up for the Disney Movie Club). We usually get Cafe Rio for some reason haha but tonight we did crepes. or my grandpa called them roll ups growing up. heres the reciepe. 
we messed the first two up and they were still amazing to eat. even picky butt cooper ate two. with nutella of course. i made the filling in the receipe and it was amazing as well, i put chopped strawberrys in it. 

so ive been watching shark tank its on hulu. There are some really cool things on there. Luminaid is one im going to use in my chirstmas boxes i do for the samaratians purse. I bought neatcheeks. pipcorn (mini popcorn with flavors) my grandma will love it. But neetcheaks I am so amazed by these. They have a IG account and a website. I paid 18.00 for 6 packs. they are flavored stevia face wipes for kids. My boys get so dirty somehow even after we leave the house in the car. 

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