Tuesday, August 16, 2011

august has treated us well.. the best movie this month has been something borrowed kate hudson shes a total babe.. if you havnt seen it go out do it now.. true blood is still the best tv series ever. teen mom feels like 13 years ago. im so sick of seeing them on magazine saying teen mom ruined my life blah bah.. i do like american teenager on abc its entertaining listening to again of young kids and sex huh does no one have parents anymore... not dissing i hzve plenty of young teenage mothers friends there all great and they have beautiful babies. good work ladies i couldnt do it any younger than i was when i had my baby. we bought a xoom which is awesome we are house searching and fixing a few things around the house to sale ours.. its nice but i cant do the hood or having a house i dont love it wasnt my pick. garth did good but its still not my pick.. coops growing up so fast so close to walking its not funny.. growing buuuut not as much as the docs would like sooo were thinking about a feeding tube for 2 weeks or a button its where i can syringe his food directly to his stomach.. so many options. the life of a preemie hes my special boy hes my everything i wouldnt change our struggles for anything.. the things that happened made my family come together, my husband is my bestest friend, i now know whatbthe miracle means

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