Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CoOPeR K. scOTt. Established 2010.

cooper k Scott was born January 27 in Murray at IMC. He was 15 weeks early and 1lb. 11oz. he was the light of our life's... I lost my water at 18 weeks for no reason. I sat down at the bar to get ready for the movies and it felt like i had peed everywhere. I ask my grandma what happened and she said we better head to the ER. So we did Dr. Griffith wasn't in of course!!! so we had Dr. breitenbach he was such a nice man,, he tried to keep us all calm and called everyone he knew to tell us what our results were. They told me I would loose my little bebe boy! I was admitted into Ashley valley hospital for two days to prevent infection. he never came and never came. So i went for a second opinion. The doctor made a few calls and he told me to go see IMC in Murray Utah when i turned 24 weeks. I waited and waited never gained any fluids. So i went to IMC they told me positive things and negative things to not expect a perfect 10 fingered 10toed baby. I cried for dayyyyyys. But when January 27Th came along 12:42 hours before my husband Garth would return to vernal to go back to work. I was having cramps had NOOOOO idea they were contractions i stayed up until 3 am tossing and turning. Garth had fallen asleep so i buzzed the nurse telling her i was having pains. Dr. porter checked me i was 3 centimeters dilated. he sent me downstairs. I became even more dilated up to a 6. They gave me an epidural. AWWWWWW loved it. I fell asleep became sick threw out the night so they gave me potassium and a lung medicine for Coop. at 9:39 it was time to pussssh. I was rushed into a tiny room with a hole in the wall that's where they would put coop threw and try and save his life. 9:41 I pushed a little 1lb baby out. NO CRIES NO NOTHING. i was speechless when they handed this tinnnny hairy baby over threw the hole. I recovered 2 hours later i seen HIM. He was absolutely the most perfect thing in the world. He was on machines every inch of his body was covered. I remember i couldn't cry. All i could do was stare. He was perfect!! EVERYBODY had told me he wasn't going to make he would be in wheelchairs no hand no feet. Everyday when i look him i cry a little inside. HE MADE IT! I hope i can make his life worth living for. God let my precious baby live for a reason. Im thankful for that moment more than anything. MIRACLES do happen so dont every believe they wont. Cooper is now almost one and is 13 lbs. little yes. probably wont do all the things kid his age are but i dont care. He is and will always be perfect to me!!!

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