Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friends! HighSchool. ETC.

My best est friend Hillary called me today and said i just found a note and i have to read it to you. I had written a letter to one of my JR HIGH boyfriends and she found it. HA HA it was so funny we were all so dumb. We defiantly thought we were mature! I remember when we wrote notes to people because not everyone had text. Now days i don't think kids even write notes to there friends a little while ago i threw all of them away they were kept in a huge show box. I'm so mad that i did that because they were allll so funnnnny!!! In 6th grade Hillary and I had this teacher who hated us so bad! In the middle of class once he stood up and told everyone that we were white trash and everybody started laughing so hard that we all got detention. We weren't aloud to write notes in class and if you were caught you got into so much trouble. I did find an old diary that I had wrote in about people i hated this was liked 4th grade. Ive been out of school for 2 years in may and i actually reallllly miss it!!

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