Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Son My Baby My Life.

since we've had our precious baby Cooper. our whole world has changed we go to primary children's every 6 months for a neonatal follow up. We visit dr. pollary every 2-4 weeks for check ups. Were sick a lot more and dont leave the house as often as we use to.! We've lost a lot of sleep do to the fact that he sleeps in our bed still. Not going on dates without him because hes such a mommas boy! but i wouldnt trade anything for him! he has made me realize what life really is. Sometimes its a struggle and i dont know how i will make it threw the day.
May 14 we celebrated his first birthday 2 days after his due date. is was windy and horrible weather i cried because i had put so much work into it being absolutely perfect! it was curious george theme and adorable. he had so many presents to open but fell asleep before he could do it. Im not sure on having other children because i wouldnt want what to happen with cooper happen again. Primary children's is a great hospital staff is amazing but to see another one of my babies go threw that might put me out! enjoy your children skip date nights and the bar or whatever you do to stay home with them and stare at them while they sleep or listen to the breath. its amazing and im glad i had Cooper when i did! it has made me a stronger believer in GOD i will argue and argue with anyone who thinks god does not live. I have proof sitting by me as i write. Hes now 15 lbs and 15 months old. he stands 26inches and has 4 teeth. all ten toes and fingers. and not a single health problem!

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  1. Holy crap give me chills! Cash goes on dates with us too. haha I am glad you know whats important which is your BEBE. You are such a good mommy. :)