Tuesday, August 29, 2017

its a craaaazy world out there.

well. my baby is almost one, my second baby he is almost three.
I'm a big birthday person. I love birthdays, when I was younger I would have these really outrageous birthdays. I actually still like my birthday. I'm not a person who hates to get older. I actually like the thought of getting old. what if my 30's are better than my 20's. early 20's for me were ugh stressful. I'm so much more than I use to be. I understand more, I listen more, I fall out of subject more.
RUAIRI LINEA her birthday theme is....
our pumpkin is turning one.
adorable TuTu from here. ps: best price I have ever seen.

I'm so happy to support Small Business Mamas. I can now buy things here in town without shipping and half the price. Leggings, headbands a plenty, onesies, shirts etc... I'm loving it.
Natasha Huber is my photo girl. she has an eye for literally everything. all my crazy ideas she just goes with it. she has done all of ruairi's pics since she was a newborn.
natashahuberphotography that's her IG name. thank me later.

Collins turning three and I'm excited he is going to start preschool. hopefully bringing out that little personality I know he has but hides. He is no doubt outgoing but he shys away a lot. He is now talking which is GREAT! not that I didn't love his own made up words and pointing.
his love for dinosaurs and toy reviews on youtube are unreal. YES, I'm that mom who lets her kids watch T.V. and YouTube reviews. Not ashamed.
here is a link to an outrageous family who puts all our families to shame (just kidding) but their trips are pretty great.

some things this mama loves:
A) Mac and Mia clothes box. their customer service is out of this world amazing. I wasn't home when my shipment came and you get five days to try the stuff on and send it back in a prepaid bag, and I wasn't going to be able to send it in that time frame and they totally extended my days.
B) Ozark on Netflix
C)The Office on Netflix ( former Parks and Rec lovers your will see a few of our loves)
D) not having FB its still so great. Because on the DL I don't care what you have to say I just care about those pictures.
E) Young Living oils here is my Member Number 12282035
F) kidizen App for used and new clothes. sometimes I really want a million outfits for Rua and I'm like ok I cant spend that much I get on there and som mamas are so good about their prices.

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