Monday, April 29, 2013

A girls trip.

June 17 2012. Lacey C. And I ventured off to New Orleans, Louisiana. Nobody really new it was a surprise trip. We went to baton roughe to get Boudiour pictures taken for anniversary presents. It was around 1700 each for the whole trip. We got to stay downtown in NO. It was beautiful and green. Sooo humid but you could walk forever because of it. The whole place is gorgeous. The people were nice as can be. The best ice tea you have ever tasted. We only stayed a weekend because I hate to leave my baby. The flight wasn't bad it didn't take very long and it was my first time flying. Scared? Yes! Ha I had the worst headache and about thirst to death. But I had my bestfriend and we had soo much fun. The woman of the night and there outrageous graveyards were my favorite part!! They all sit above ground because there so much rain. We even saw bones in one that cracked. I would go back in a heart beat. Especially for the alligator tour!!! Did you know that alligators love marshmellows and French? Haa! Btw Boudiour is the best present ever :)))

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