Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So far this summer....

We have had an awesome summer. My handicapped cousin graduated from copper hills high school in West Jordan. They had a huge graduation at the E center. Way to many people for someone with a broken foot. Yep, me the last day of school I jumped out of a parked vehicle and twisted my ankle in stupid toms on rocks. Well.. After graduation we went to Olive Garden where they had to seat 20 of us. All my cousins and aunts and uncles in one place! So fun (well just the important family) we than stayed at my aunts house where we ventured off to kearns aww!!! To a Rec center it was something else. The people who worker there were straight up a**holes. I had a broken foot and they made me walk threw a wet locker room. But to make it all better we did some target shopping. And I road in one of those electric cars. Ha!! So funny. I've never loved shopping in one place before. Target is the bees knees.
Than we went camping well at red canyon lodge. Best way to camp. You get to see the little pond and deer have running water and a kitchen. No hassle of cleaning a trailer after your done. For a $150 you get two full sized beds and a futon couch. Plus a kitchen and bathroom. For $125 you get one bed one futon couch, kitchen and bathroom. And you get to run the river. That was a blast. Even though one leg was covered and got zero sun. The river isn't to fast this year. It's deeper than last year. And it was freezing! I've mostly been staying at my grandparents house. Having a broken foot with a 3 year old isn't to easy. We just barely came home yesterday because the swelling has gone down and i only have 2 weeks left. I got my braces off too! The first time I had them on for 7 years and the second time a year and 4 months. Holy cow I love my big smile now! After I get my cast off we are headed to lagoon and right before school Disneyland!

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